How Kareena Kapoor is maintaining Her Weight

Kareena Kapoor had amazed everybody when she had attained the size zero figure for her film Tashan. But there has been a lot of speculation whether she will be able to retain her weight loss. Even today when she flaunts her svelte figure, the only question that pops up in our mind is that how Kareena Kapoor is maintaining her weight? In many of her interviews she has claimed that she is not anorexic and she maintains her weight in a very healthy way. Kareena’s diet plan has been the topic of many debates and everybody wants to have a sneak peak at her daily diet routine. The first step that Kareena has incorporated in her lifestyle is the consumption of high quality supplements so that body receives all the necessary nutrients.



Kareena had turned into a vegetarian lot time back and she says that it is one of the primary reasons due to which she has been able to maintain her weight with ease. In order to gain the vital statistics of Kareena Kapoor, one needs to rely on completely healthy foods and bid goodbye to the cholesterol rich junk food items. Kareena Kapoor starts her day with a glass of water mixed with lime, in order to cleanse the system. One of the best ways to get healthy food is to cook it yourself but if you are a busy bee like Kareena then you can hunt for the places which would offer you with completely healthy meals.


How Kareena Kapoor is Maintaining Her Weight can also be answered with the fact that she is a staunch believer of Yoga. Kareena credits her dramatic weight loss to the practice of power yoga and she has also recommended people to take the natural route for losing weight instead of succumbing to surgeries like liposuction. Making the right changes in your lifestyle can help you to achieve a lissome figure like Kareena Kapoor. If one can exercise regularly and sleep for at least six hours everyday, then most of the diet plans will actually work positively on your system. One thing which has struck gold with Kareena is the fact that she has struck the right balance between her diet and workout regime. She always manages to find time from her busy schedule for practicing yoga and gives the mouth watering junk food a miss. How Kareena Kapoor is maintaining her weight is not a mystery but it is just a matter of bringing a certain degree of discipline into your lifestyle so that you have the motivation to carry on with the diets and the workout sessions. 

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