How Many Cups Of Tea Can One Have In a Day

Have you ever asked your self the recommended amount or quantity of tea you should be taking to get the most health benefits? This is a question that several people on earth like to ask because they think that it is unhealthy to take tea. Tea is good and can be taken in large quantity though the caffeinated tea such as black tea are not supposed to be taken in large quantities since caffeine can affect one’s health. Tea without caffeine is healthy for an individual’s health and can be taken throughout the day especially when the weather is cold. The amount of tea that is recommended is a minimum of four cups and a maximum of nine cups a day depending on an individual’s goals.


Tea is advantageous and healthy to human being’s body just like any other beverage. This is because only three cups of tea per day may greatly reduce the risk of heart attack. Though according to some health researchers, taking up to nine cups of tea daily may bring about optimum advantages especially from polyphenols and does not interfere with an individual’s quality of sleep. This means that more than eight or nine cups of tea that contains caffeine in day may affect one’s sleep quality as compared to the herbal tea and thus, it is not healthy for an individual. When one prefers to use caffeinated tea, then not more than four cups is recommended because it does not affect human being’s normal health. Taking tea as recommended is even better than taking water because it also prevents the body from dehydration process among others.


Taking  six to ten cups of non caffeinated green tea can help in keeping healthy the brain cells since the lowering of oxygen level or apnea inflammation may lead to the destruction of the brain cells after some period. The amount of tea that one takes in a day depends on the type of tea he or she takes. This is so because the green tea has a small amount of caffeine as compared to the black tea which has a high amount of caffeine. Women are advised to take a small amount of tea at least four cups only in a day because of the bone density in their bodies. The older women tend to have brittle bones and large quantity of caffeine is not good for their health.

To the individuals who suffer from stomach cancer, it is advisable to consume tea since it can lower the disease’s risk. This does not mean that you should take tea in excess, the maximum tea cups that are recommended for a cancer patient is five tea cups in every twenty four hours. Some people use tea in loosing weight, for this reason or for dieting purposes one is supposed to take not more or not less that seven cups a day though pregnant women or the women who are planning to get pregnant should stick to two cups in every twenty four hours. This is recommended because taking tea can reduce the absorption of folic acid in the body and this acid is very important during pregnancy. This is not a problem so long as you stick to two cups of tea daily.

One advantage of tea among others is that it is a very healthy beverage when it is taken as recommended or as it is required. This is why most health professionals and other people recommend taking tea on a daily basis to prevent cancers, heart diseases and health problems from sleep apnea as well. Tea is widely used in the world at large as compared to other beverages, taking four to five cups of tea is very healthy for ones health and may also contribute to the prevention of heart attack. Other researchers also reveal that tea just like coffee can also help in keeping one sharp and focused all day long. This so because tea contains theanine which is a substance that can only be got from tea and boletus mushroom but not any other beverage. Tea is a lot and only one hundred milligrams can enable one to come into focus especially when it comes to matters that are complicated and requires a lot of thinking.

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