How many times do I Moisturize


It is now commonly accepted that no matter what the weather outside, skin needs regular doses of moisture – from within and without to keep it looking smooth and youthful. At least 2 liters of water must be drunk daily to keep skin hydrated from within.  To correct the ravages of exposure of skin to external elements like UV rays of the sun and atmospheric pollution, daily use of moisturizer is a must.


How many times a day to apply moisturizer depends upon the type of skin you have. Dry skins will twice the amount of moisturizing that oily skin needs. Normal skin needs more moisturizer in winter and in dry summers as compared to the monsoons.


When is the best time to moisturize?


The best time to apply moisturizer is just after a bath. After a bath, the skin has a fine layer of water which application of a moisturizer helps retain. The pores of the skin are also clean just after a bath and the skin is better able to absorb moisturizer.


For people with dry skin, use of a moisturizing lotion immediately after washing hands keeps the hands from chapping and peeling.


If the sin is well hydrated by consuming plenty of water, and protected from direct sun it can reduce the amount of moisturizing.



Does oily skin need moisturizing?


While oily skin may appear shiny and elastic, it is a fact that oily skin also needs moisturizing. You may use an oil free cleanser to cleanse oily skin of grime and excess oil prior to using moisturizer. Light moisturizers work best on oily skin.


Selecting the right moisturizer for skin type


Dry skin needs heavy cream based moisturizers. Normal to oily skin requires lighter moisturizers. Petroleum jelly works effectively to smoothen rough, damaged skin on elbows and knees. In case of sun damaged skin, use of Vaseline cream is effective.


The outermost layer of mature skin lacks natural secretions which keep the skin soft and supple. Use of heavier creams is advisable on mature and damaged skin.



How often does skin need moisturizing?


Normal skin needs to be moisturized just once, as a part of the nightly cleansing- toning- moisturizing ritual.Dry skin benefits from application of moisturizer thrice a day. Oily skin needs special formulations which are light and allow skin to breathe. These days, moisturizers with sunscreen are popular. These creams work best when applied just before stepping out in the sun. Special moisturizers for mature skin with Vitamin E and retinol additives are best applied before going to bed. Moisturizing face packs to be kept on during the night on heavily damaged facial skin. 

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