How Quickly Fast Does Dysport Work

The meteoric rise in the popularity of dysport can be largely attributed to fact that the product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of USA. Initially all the attention in the anti ageing market was focused on botox, but with the entry of dysport things have surely changed and dysport has created a positive impact in the market. Earlier dysport was used for neurological problems but from the past couple of years this medication is making news for reducing wrinkles.

The process involved in dysport treatment is uncomplicated and severe side effects rarely occur. The usual side effects after the treatment, which are witnessed by people is pain in the facial muscles and drooping of eyelids. Within a period of a week, the dysport starts to work on the skin and the visibility of wrinkles gets reduced. The result of dysport treatment remains for around four to six months and after that it completely depends on the patient whether he would like to resume the dysport treatment again to erase the wrinkles. According to a study, it was seen that dysport gives quicker results when compared to botox. There have been cases where the results of botox were seen by patients just within a couple of days after the treatment. Dysport can work faster on women and it is more effective on people who are not above the age of sixty five years.
The affordability of dysport is one factor which has inspired people to get dysport treatments because it can be done within a budget of three hundred dollars. The cost for dysport treatment is quite affordable, because one does not need to get admitted in a hospital for getting the injection and even anesthesia is not required for the process. Some doctors also recommend collagen treatment along with dysport in order to get better results. Getting a collagen injection can be quite painful and at the same time it is a bit expensive as well. Collagen treatment is advised only for those patients who are not allergic to the same and a small test is done to find out how a person’s skin will react to collagen. If the tests are positive then collagen treatment can be started off along with dysport medication. After getting dysport injection one does not need to stop their daily activities as this treatment does not need any healing time as it does cause wounds in the skin.

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