How Smoking Affects our Health


Smoking and tobacco chewing are the only eatables that don’t come with any of the benefits. What they give you are diseases, addiction, low immunity, decreased stamina and inability to concentrate. Though quitting smoking is not an easy habit as it requires great deal of will power and concentration. So, to give up with the habit of smoking one needs to be extra tough on himself or herself.


Though the deleterious effects of smoking are endless and can’t be described in few words but let us have a look at some of the major side effects of smoking on our health.


Harmful Effects of Smoking


Respiratory Problems: If you have recently started smoking then you might notice shortness of breath, decreased stamina, frequent coughing and wheezing sound as compared to non smokers. You become more prone to diseases like emphysema, lung cancer and heart related diseases.


Dental Problems: Smoking leads to halitosis (bad breath) problems, plaque accumulation, and tartar deposition. Also your oral cavity like gums, cheeks and tongue become prone to mouth ulcers and due to decreased immunity there can be delay in the healing process. Teeth become more prone to carious attacks and at advanced stages smoking can even lead to oral cancer.



Female Smoking: Though initially smoking brings a sense of pleasure but in a long run, it affects your body organs. Females are more prone to harmful effects of smoking as compared to their male counterparts. Smoking in females increases their aging process. Also, smoking increases the chances of miscarriage. It can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in infants.


Smoking in females also decreases the age at which they reaches menopause.


Cardiovascular Problems Due to Smoking: Smoking brings vasoconstriction of blood vessels thereby reducing the blood circulation and hence puts smokers at a greater risk of problems linked to heart.


Smoking and Cancer: Due to various carcinogenic ingredients smoking can lead to bladder cancer, oral squamous cell carcinoma popularly known as oral cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and cancer of pharynx.

Interesting Facts to know About Smoking


1. Nicotine, an active ingredient in cigarette, reaches brain within ten seconds of smoking a puff.


2. Smoking increases carbon monoxide levels in the body that binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells thereby decreasing thereby ability to carry oxygen.


3. Smoking directly damages our DNA via oxidative stress mechanism.



4. Smoking decreases the levels of anti oxidants in the body and hence increases the aging process.


So, these were some of the effects of tobacco smoking that can hamper our health. If you have started smoking just now or are doing for a long time then it’s better to quit this habit. It has been seen that after giving off the habit of smoking, your lungs can recover to a normal state easily.

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