How to Apply Makeup On Large Pores

Large pores are a huge matter of concern for all women, irrespective of the age. Especially, women with oily skin type need to find a makeup primer for large pores. Large pores can be prevented by following some methods. However, one cannot have a permanent solution to make large pores go smaller, but there are some ways and makeup by which large pores may seem smaller. The steps include: cleansing, moisturizing, toning and many more. In this article we will discuss some steps by which you can conceal the large pores to a great extent. 

  • Cleansing is necessary before applying any makeup. It is a good idea to cleanse the face with a good cleanser before you apply any kind of makeup. This helps in removing the dirt particles and oil from the face. After cleansing, use a toner by applying it with a cotton ball and clean your face. It is to be ensured that the cleaner is specifically for your skin type only.  
  • Apply ice or chilled water in order to shrink large pores: After the face is completely clean, one must rub an ice cube all over the face, before applying a moisturizer. This would help in reducing the size of the pores for a temporary period. A good substitute for ice cubes is chilled water. Splashing cold water on the face will also serve the same purpose as rubbing an ice cube.  
  • Now, one should apply a moisturizer. This is a necessary step and should be applied in the correct measure. Moisturizers help in retaining moisture in the face, and which makes it easier for other makeup to blend in the face. Therefore, irrespective of the type of the skin, make sure you apply a moisturizer before any makeup. 
  • A gel or lotion should be used to control the oil of the skin. There are many oil-controlling products in the market. Before one can apply makeup for large pores, it is important to apply such oil-controlling gel on the moisturized face. This helps in reducing shine on the face, giving a clean look and it also reduces the visibility of pores. 
  • Now, it is the time to apply a product to minimize large pores. There are certain gels, powder pack and lotion primers available which on applying on the face conceals the large pores instantly. The product should be applied on areas with large pores and not the whole face. One must also check that their pore-minimizing product must not block the path for sweat and air.  
  • Women with oily skin may apply a makeup primer on their skin after putting on the pore-minimizing lotion. This helps in sustaining the makeup for a long time and gives a better look with shrunk pores and smooth skin. Primers also control excess oil, and fill in large pores.  
  • Applying foundation could end up either way. Many feel that using foundations help in hiding large pores, but if it is not applied properly, it may not end up looking good at all. Foundations, if are not of your skin type, can sometimes increase the look of large pores, thereby defeating the purpose of applying makeup for large pores. Therefore, one must choose liquid oil-free foundation that is known to give the desired results. 
  • The makeup for large pores can be concluded by using loose powder. Applying power is the perfect way to put a finishing touch to your makeup. One may argue that powder often blocks the pores completely, but again, the secret is to apply it properly. It is equally important to remove makeup, as it is to apply it on the first place. It helps in hiding the large pores and also absorbs excess oil. The best way to apply it is by dusting it lightly on the face. It should be applied on certain areas of the face, and then rubbed gently to all other areas. 
  • Another important tip is to make sure that the products are oil-free and absolutely natural. There are some products that contain harmful chemicals, and using them regularly is not a good idea for the skin. Also, makeup for large pores shouldn’t be used very frequently, as it will be harmful for the skin in the long run.

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