How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is a very important tool in applying eye makeup. Mascara often makes the eyes look much deeper and more detailed; completing the look that you are thriving for. Though we all like long and thick and lashes but most of us are having difficulty in applying mascaras. Application of mascara can really be time consuming and irritating if it is not done properly. The common problems in applying mascaras are clumping, smudge and mascaras getting on cheeks or eyelids. The following step by step procedure will help you all:


The Six Steps on Applying Mascara


1. Before applying mascara pull your hair back or use a head band. Thus your hair does not fall and interfere when applying the mascara.


2. Apply your entire make up first. Like eye shadows and eyeliners. Put a tissue on near your eyelash to prevent getting any mascara on your eyelids, which is very essential.


3. Curling your eye lashes will give your lashes more length after applying your mascara.


4. Most mascara tubes and brush are made to get the right amount by just removing the brush from the tube. If you think it is too much you can rub the brush on the tube’s rim to remove excess mascara.


5. First apply the mascara on your upper lashes. Then Start from the base of the eye lash then wiggle it while moving the brush to the tip of your lashes.


6. You should use a lash comb to separate the lashes. Do this before the mascara dries up.

Tips on Applying Mascara


1. If the mascara is too thick buy a new tub. Thicker mascara is always harder to apply.


2. Apply mascara with back and forth sawing motion. By this way, the mascara will be applied on individual lashes.


3. To avoid the clumps use a tissue paper.  Roll gently and apply. As an alternative, you can use eyelash brush to run gently through the lashes.


4. If you are wearing an eye shadow and don’t have a card around, look down while you apply mascara. Hence the chance of getting mascara dot on your eyelid is reduced to great extent.


5. If you do, then wait for it to dry and then wipe it off with a cotton swab or tissue.


6. Don’t get panic, incase if you see a mascara dot.


7. Rinse immediately if you accidentally poked your eye with your brush


8. If too much mascara is applied you can use an ear bud with baby oil. Slowly rub the area where too much mascara is located.


9. Do not blink until the mascara dries up.

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