How to Avoid Heart Burn


People, who experience heartburn on a very regular basis, might be primarily because of the type of food consumed by them. How to avoid heart burn is a prominent question which is asked by many people who suffer from the condition. Initially many people tend to ignore this condition, but eventually if this condition is not treated then it can take the shape of a disease known as acid reflux.


Lifestyle Modifications Required to Avoid Heart Burn


If the symptoms experienced by you for heartburn is quite mild, then the situation can be improved by making certain changes in the diet.


Take Frequent Smaller Meals: One of the best ways to decrease the heart burn frequency is to take small meals throughout the day instead of relying on only three large meals in a day. With small meals, the digestion happens in the right manner and the stomach does not have to endure too much of pressure. 


Avoid Acidic Foods: There are certain types of foods which can lead to acidity and therefore such foods should be avoided. Citrus fruit juices, aerated drinks, chocolates, coffee, are some of the things which should not be consumed in order to avoid heart burns. 


Avoid Midnight Snacking: Midnight snacks are one of the most prominent culprits that cause heart burns. The last meal of the day should be around three hours before the going to sleep. The sole reason for having your last meal early is to avoid the development of acid reflux in the body.



Avoid Too Much of Abdominal Pressure: One should try to avoid any activities that can put a lot of pressure on the abdominal area after having a meal. Many people lie down immediately after having a meal, and it can put a lot of pressure on their abdomen, therefore it is necessary not to immediately go to sleep after having a meal.


Don’t Wear Too Tight Clothes: Wearing the right kind of clothes while sleeping also plays an important role and one should try not to wear tight clothes, as it can induce acidity. Making certain changes in the lifestyle can also help in dealing with heart burns. Avoiding smoking and alcoholic drinks can help you in the long run by reducing the frequency of heart burns. Being overweight at times can give birth to heart burn and one should take active steps in getting rid of the excess weight. Stress these days has started to induce heart burn in many cases, and hence it becomes important to relieve yourself from a stressful lifestyle. Heart burn can be avoided by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

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