How To Be Punctual In Life

The most important and simplest thing to do in order to become punctual in everything you do is to accept that you have not been so until now! Once the acceptance is there you can set about correcting all the mistakes that account for your tardiness. Here is how you can do that effectively and surely. 


Mindset to be punctual

 Time management

When you have decided to become really punctual and discard tardiness forever you have to accomplish every task as you have planned to do. For instance, when the alarm rings, you should wake up fully, and not consider postponing your punctuality regimen for the next day!


Remember that procrastination is the biggest enemy of punctuality; any task that can be sensibly and easily done now, should not be put off for later: Remember – ‘Tomorrow never comes!’


This is one of those rare occasions when optimism does not work! Do not assume that you would somehow complete your tasks punctually. Set apart sufficient time for each task including those precious extra minutes to battle with and set right contingencies


Planning to be punctual

Time management

For every task and for every expected event of the day, plan the time to begin it and the time it requires to be completed


Ensure that you have sufficient time to relax and pursue hobbies, so that punctuality does not get equated to drudgery


Combining work and play schedules in a suitable, convenient and interesting manner helps you look forward to following the set time table diligently


Set yourself something pleasant and refreshing to do first thing in the morning, like painting, taking a walk or swimming. Looking forward to this task helps you wake up on time


Some people prefer to begin the day by solving a puzzle or a crossword; this is a good way to be mentally refreshed and alert.


Manage your time efficiently


Set your clock on time and keep clocks in all areas where you function showing the same time


Some people prefer setting their watches 5 to 15 minutes early so that they can finish tasks or keep up appointments on time


In fact, you can make it a point to reach your appointments and complete tasks always 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time


Set the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning as far away from your bed as possible so that to shut down its noise will get you wide awake


Helpful tips to be punctual

  1. Keep your clothes, books, work files ready the previous day/night so that you can start early every day

  2. When preparing the day’s schedule make intelligent alterations to your usual way of doing things so that less important, but time-consuming tasks can be done later in the day when you are not rushed for time

  3. For instance, you may have been in the habit of updating your personal website every morning. You can postpone it to later in the day when your other tasks are completed. This way you will not only keep good time but also realize that you can enjoy the leisurely pace of working on your website

  4. Give yourself rewards now and then, for having maintained schedules successfully; this keeps the motivation level high

The new schedule you have set for being punctual must be able to improve the quality of your life, make it more meaningful and allow you to achieve goals and targets with ease.


Punctuality is the essence of success. To be punctual you have to strategically plan your day ahead and sincerely stick to the plan. It is also important to throw in lots of fun times and leisure activities into your plan to keep it interesting and workable. You have to develop a mindset about doing things on time and put in a dedicated effort in order to see your dreams come true.

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I am always late for my morning lectures,and today i got my final warning,these thing stresses me because i wake up everyday around 6,catch a taxi,around 7,but still noting changes.i dnt know what to do with my lateness
by Shumy Selemane     23-Apr-2012

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