How To Brighten Dull Skin


“Being happy in your skin that's what it's all about”

Who doesn’t want to appear best and show the best possible face to the world? Having bright complexion depicts happiness and healthy individual. Dull looking skin not only causes depression to other but will also low down the moral of the individual. Skin may become dull in the area where blood circulation is slow or inadequate.  


Causes of Dull Skin


Though there are endless etiological factors resulting in dull skin but few of them to be named are:


1. Over-drinking and smoking can cause dullness of the skin.


2. If you are not taking proper diet with essential vitamins, it can cause dullness of the skin. Stress can change the skin to become dull.



3. Exposing the body to extreme temperatures, staying in the sun for prolonged periods and humid conditions can affect the brightness of the skin.


4. If you expose your body to the wind carrying dirt and dust, your skin becomes dull.


Brightening the Dull Looking Skin


However, the look of the skin can certainly be improved if it looks dull. Here are the few tips to brighten the dull looking skin:


Exfoliation: One of the best ways to improve a dull complexion is by exfoliation. The dead skin cells are removed by exfoliation, but this has to be done regularly. At least you should exfoliate twice a week. Regular exfoliation removes the oil and dead skin cells in the skin and improves the look of the skin. The dead skin cells can also clog the pores of the skin and cause any type of acne right from blackheads.


Stay Hydrated: To rejuvenate your complexion, you should stay well hydrated first. The skin loses its natural glow due to dehydration. You should drink enough water every day, to say at least eight glasses of water, so that your skin tissues remain well hydrated.


Avoid Alcohol: You should avoid taking excess alcohol, or try to stop alcohol consumption, as alcohol causes fluid loss, dehydration and many other problems that can contribute to dullness of the skin. Alcohol also causes excretion of essential minerals from the body.



Avoid Smoking: The next important thing is that you should stop smoking. Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine causes constriction of the lumen of the blood vessels. This results in reduced blood flow. Finally the skin cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Therefore the skin begins appearing with grey undertones. It looks lifeless and dull. Particularly, if smokers had started this habit in the early stages of their life, collagen synthesis in their body reduces, causing dry skin. It is therefore very necessary to quit smoking if you are really serious about the look of your skin.


Skin Moisturizer During Winters and Monsoons: Moisture is another factor which can affect the look of the skin. During the winter and monsoon seasons the harsh climate breaks down the sebum barrier causing the skin to look dull. This leads to loss of moisture and dull skin. To tide over this difficulty, use normal water for cleansing your skin and not hot water. Instead of soap, you can use a cleansing cream. Apply moisturizer to compensate the loss of moisture. You should do this immediately following the facial cleansing. Allow the moisturizer to stay on the skin for sufficient time so that maximum absorption of the moisture can take place.


Diet and Healthy Skin: Diet plays an important role in maintaining the skin tone. Try and incorporate vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin E and C in your diet. Also have fresh organic food and stay away from junky diet.


Also essential fatty acids are good for skin cells. So, consume oils to have the benefits of omega 3. 6 and 9 fatty acids.


Exfoliate your skin regularly to give a healthy look to your complexion. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen after using exfoliating acids as exfoliation increasing the skin sensitivity to sun. You can also dramatically improve the look of your skin if you can undergo microdermabrasion which a dermatologist or aesthetician can do. These procedures may be costly, but give good results.

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