How To Control Anxiety

You should control your anxiety before it controls you. Therefore you should identify the signs of anxiety before it goes to its height. As soon as you become aware of this you should be able to counteract it. One of the ways to counteract anxiety is by slowing your breath and deepening it. When you come across situations that can cause anxiety in you, breathe slowly and deeply before you actually become a part of that situation. Stressful situations are challenging and so you have to be prepared to confront them. There are simple ways to control your anxiety 

Relax your shoulders, stand upright and take a deep breath into your stomach. Give small pauses when your lungs are full or empty and continue with inhaling or exhaling. This breathing exercise will bring peace in you. It calms down your mind. You will be able to start your day with freshness if you practice this breathing exercise in the morning and especially when you get up with anxiety in the morning. It provides you more control on your mind. You cannot expect overnight success with these efforts, but certainly it will benefit you if you practice it regularly. 
You can get rid of anxiety without seeking the help of medication. You should relax for a sufficient duration when you feel anxious. You will feel better if you can combat anxiety. Even during your routines, learn to give small breaks and rest on your back. Breathe slowly and deeply during these breaks. Sometimes, hot aromatherapy bath can improve the condition. Let the flow of water massage your body right from the shoulder. This method can bring down the anxiety in you. 
If you want to control your anxiety in natural ways you can go by the above said methods. However, spend your time with your family members to control your anxiety. This is one of the best suited methods for anyone to control anxiety without medication. Meditation can control anxiety without medication. Meditate every day for 30 minutes to be away from anxiety. Go to a quiet location when you are anxious. Close your eyes and relax at your back and do the breathing exercise. You can repeat some meaningful words to focus your mind. 
One of the effective methods to control anxiety is through cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy has been proved to be good for anxiety. However, it is better for you to undergo this therapy with the help of a psychologist. Psychologist may guide you in controlling your anxiety without medicines. Stress control techniques are taught in relaxation classes. You can join this class to combat your anxiety. 
Controlling anxiety through medications also is possible, but certain side effects are unavoidable. Stress management techniques can also provide the same effects as medications. You can also find out the means for dealing with your anxiety problems by talking to people having similar experiences. 
Aerobic exercises can control anxiety. These exercises increase the level of endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for giving a feeling of well being. These chemicals simultaneously reduce worry and anxiety. Aerobic exercises for 30 minutes every day can largely help reducing the anxiety. 

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