How To Cure Stammering Problem

There are many precautions which a person has to take while growing up a child. It is important for a parent to know how to cure stammering problem, rather than ignoring a stammering child. The other word used for stammering is stuttering. It is important that the parent should not panic after discovering this speech disorder of their child. Most parents confuse that stammering is a disease but they should increase their knowledge to learn that it is indeed a curable speech disorder. In order to learn about how to cure stammering problem we ought to know what do we mean by stammering. When a person cannot pronounce few syllables, mispronounce, repeats pauses during a speech then it is known as stammering. This problem is general among growing kids; the difference is some kids come out of this after the age of six or seven while others can’t. It is recommended that peers and parents should act as normal as they can. The more the person feels stressed out, scared or self- conscious while speaking, the more the person stammers. The problem slows down when the person is reciting something, singing or is in relaxed state.  To know how to cure stammering problem, you should know the symptoms regarding it. Some of the symptoms are:

  1. Panting while speaking

  2. Repeating a certain phrase, sound or a word while speaking

  3. Struggling while speaking some consonants

  4. Struggling while initiating a new sentence.

While some of the parents juggle through the symptoms some needs causes for stammering, in order to know how to cure stammering problem. The exact causes for stuttering are yet not known, but based on the research some of them may be:

Self- confidence - People who lack in confidence, have the habit of stammering. The word self- conscious perfectly fits for them. They ceaselessly look at their peers for an approval of whatever they are speaking. Introverts often fall into this category. Stammering may affect those young ones who are frequently chided by peers or bullied by elders.

Neurogenic Stammering - Stammering may happen when the connectivity or the signals between muscles, brain and speech nervous are not working desirably. This problem may cause while growing up in a child or after a head injury in adults.

Heredity – Sometimes stammering may be genetic. When a family member of the child stammers, chances of stammering may increase in the child. In these cases, however, problem is persistent and a bit difficult to cure.

Disease - It can also happen because of diseases you have suffered in the past. If you have discovered your stammering problem after a disease, it might be possible that the disease had an adverse effect on you. In some people stammering may stay for long, but it can always be cured with the help of speech therapists.

Shyness - This problem is worse affected to introverts. Shyness is counted among the major causes of stammering. This situation is visible among a lot of youngsters, they feel shy while speaking in front of a large mass or publically and due to the fear of being mocked they stammer. With the help of therapies and tapes, stammering can be cured.

Peer Pressure - Too much peer pressure can also be the cause of stammering. A child feel crushed when he cannot fulfill all the requirements and expectations of his/her parents. Hence, starts stammering because of guilt and pressure.

These were some causes of stammering which help the peers to understand how to cure stammering problem.


If you are curious about how to cure stammering problem please read further:

First and foremost step is to build self confidence in the person. It is a general saying “No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself”. Hence, the persons should be taught to believe in themselves. It is of uttermost importance than losing is a part of life; we should not give up early. 1000 mouths and 10,000 comments we cannot afford to care what everyone thinks about us. So it is better that we should ignore what others think and speak about us.

Monitoring the speech rate  - This procedure involves the practice of syllables very slowly.

Breathing Practice - This is important as the patient familiarizes with the breathing difficulties and tries to overcome that.

Speech Therapies give stress on the syllables and prolonged sentences.

These were some points on how to cure stammering problem. Hope these tips may prove useful to the patients.

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