How To Do Right Pedicure

Our routines have become so hectic these days to the extent that we are unable pay enough attention to the health of our toes and nails. We do not find time to go to a salon to have a pedicure. Here is why you should follow the right pedicure procedures that can be performed in your home itself. Some tips are discussed here to give a comfortable pedicure to your feet. These tips are simple and are effective at the same time. You can perform these activities any time at your home.  

Make a small ball out of cotton and use it remove the old nail polish. Your toenails are free from this coating now. With the help of a toenail clipper, clip your nails straight across. Shape your toenails using a nail file. Then remove the ragged edges of the nails. 
 The best pedicure involves soaking your feet in a basin with warm water for about 10 minutes. If you have a pedicure tub, it is well and good. This procedure softens the cuticles and calluses that have developed on the bottom of your feet. You can also derive extra relaxation benefits by adding some Epsom salt to the water together with a small amount of an essential oil that you prefer. 
Take a pumice stone, dampen it and scrub the bottom of your feet with it to take out the dead skin layer and also calluses. Do not scrub it hard as the pumice stone is too abrasive. 
You can also treat your cuticles by applying cuticle cream on them. With the help of an orange stick you can push them back gently. You can then hold the orange stick at an appropriate angle and move it around to get rid of the dead cuticles. Then take a cloth and dip it in warm water. Use this cloth immediately to wipe away the excess cuticle cream. 
You can use a foot lotion for moisturizing the feet. Apply the lotion on the feet and massage it until the skin absorbs it. Oily nails cannot accommodate the nail polish properly. Therefore, take a cotton ball and put some nail polish remover on it. Now wipe of the toes with the cotton ball to free them from oil. 
Do not stop with a single coat of nail polish. Apply the nail polish two times on the toenails. You should apply the second coat only after drying the first coat. The second coat can be protective to the first coat. While applying the polish on the toenails, it is always possible that the skin around the nails get stained. To remove this polish on the skin, make use of a cuticle stick wrapped with tissue paper and dipped in a nail polish remover. You can comfortably remove the polish over the skin with this strategy. 
You should also take care that your feet do not suffer bacterial or fungal infections. You should clean your tools used in pedicure. After use do not store them without cleaning. You can use warm soapy water to wash them off. Then you can sterilize them with alcohol. 

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