How To Dry Herbs

Sometimes you can go out and get some herbs which cannot be used in their green state. In fact when handling them you ought to know how to dry herbs. It becomes challenging when there is no sun. The gloomy weather can be very discouraging and now matter how you know how to dry herbs, a chilly weather is not your favourite. However, it is important to pick herbs during the cold and rainy season when they are blossoming. All you have to do is to learn how to dry herbs in the absence of the sun.

The lucky person who need not learn how to dry herbs during the cold season is the one who gardens them. You can have them throughout the year even during the sunny seasons. It is easy and simple following the procedure of how to dry herbs when the weather is warm or hot. You can use professional how to dry herbs tips and preserve them for use all year round without experiencing a shortage. You will be much better off than the people who do not know how to dry herbs for preservation and more so, you can save your money. You will also save your time queuing at the shopping malls like the others to buy herbs.
In order to make well flavoured and high standard herbs, get accustomed on how to dry herbs outdoor and moisture free areas. This is how to dry herbs without spending money on the power and you are assured of quality. This process of how to dry herbs ensures that the leaves lose moisture and the much needed oils are left behind. You do not risk losing any other content apart from the water in the leaves. If you are drying bulky leaves, it would be a good idea to use dehydrators.
This method of drying herbs is not the best but some herbs contain too much water that the sun cannot dry them properly. Some people go to the extent of using electronic cooker as way of how to dry herbs. It can dry the leaves but it also cooks them which kill the nutrients in them. This is not a recommendable method of how to dry herbs. Before you get to your microwave as an alternative to the natural ways of how to dry herbs, make sure that you have exhausted all the others including placing the leaves in an airy room if it wet outdoors.
You should be able to classify the leaves so as to determine how to dry the herbs. Some leaves are light while others are very thick. The light leaves dry fast while the thick ones take a longer time to dry. The methods on how to dry these leaves should be mild and severe respectively. The reason is that the thin leaves contain little water than the other s which contain high amount of water. It is advisable that when applying any method of how t dry herbs make sure that the leaves are free from pollutants such as dust. You place them in a light wrapper that has air circulation and place them out to dry. This is the simplest way of how to dry herbs.
When picking the herbs for drying, make sure you do so before the flowering stage. At this time the leaf is still fresh and easy to imply your how to dry skills on them. If you know how to dry herbs in the sun, pluck the leaves during the morning hours and place them outside t dry. Use a sharp cutter to pluck the herbs without destroying the mother plant. If you want the stems too, get them but you should be aware that how to dry herbs that consist of leaves, especially light ones, is not similar to the way you dry the stem. Some stems are thick and require more warmth. Make sure that the herbs are insect and disease free because no matter how good you are on how to dry herbs, damaged herbs cannot make a good outcome.
The basics of how to dry herbs should not be ignored and you should start with washing them in clean flowing water. Dr off any water before placing them to dry. If you follow the guide line on how to dry herbs properly, you can be sure to have stocks of herbs even for years to come.

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