How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

Our skin has got a natural tendency to automatically renew itself with a course of time but sometimes due to many reasons, like stress, hampered lifestyle, improper eating habits etc. the dead cells aren’t shed off thereby giving our skin a dull and lusterless look.


The actual look of the skin is revealed only when the dead skin cells are removed. After removal of the dead skin, the radiant cells and the new cells are exposed, giving a good fresh look to the skin. The most effective way to get rid of dead skin cells is exfoliation. The word exfoliate itself has vital meaning to that effect. Exfoliation is very easy and simple. It will not consume much of your time. You can exfoliate any area of skin, even though this procedure is adopted for giving a bright appearance of the facial skin.  


Exfoliate to Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells



During winters dead skin cell start piling up. Spring time is the season for renewal, and suits for doing exfoliation. Sloughing off the dead skin and leaving the healthy skin intact is the main aim to get a bright skin. Therefore, abrasive products should be avoided as they can be harmful for healthy skin too. Multiple options are available in the market for skin exfoliation. You should go for a scrub that contains sugar or fruit acids. 


Methods to Apply Facial Scrub to Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells: You can apply the body scrub or facial scrub gently on the skin and then rinse it off. Body scrubs are somewhat harder when compared with facial scrubs. However, you should exfoliate with a scrub on a regular basis or at least once a weak. If possible you can increase it to twice a week. Read the instructions carefully before applying. Be gentle when you apply the scrub on the skin. You cannot produce quick results and hence rubbing the scrub heavily on the skin is futile. Benefits can be seen gradually and not abruptly. 



What Happens When We Don’t Exfoliate or Scrub Out the Dead Skin Cells: Body is shedding dead skin cells every day. Some dead cells stick to the body and do not fall off naturally. We have to only remove it manually as otherwise they can hide vibrant cells and new cells of the skin, causing dull look of the skin and even clog the pores of the skin to form acne. As a result of dead skin cells, wrinkles appear at a much faster rate.


Tools Used for Exfoliation of Dead Skin Cells: There is one more procedure for exfoliation. You can brush the skin gently before showering using a dry brush. This can loosen the skin cells and exfoliation is thus helped out. To scrub heels, use a pumice stone to prevent callus formation. Before using the pumice stone, soften the heels by dipping them in warm water.



To conclude, as you remove dirt and dust from your body through routine baths, it is also essential to get rid of the dead skin cells for giving a good look. 

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hi, i am pree and i want to remove dead skin from my neck and back. plz help me out.thnx.
by pree     19-Feb-2012
hi i am izhar and there are many dead cells in my face.Please send me any of the solution to my e-mail. Thank you.
by izhar khan     06-Apr-2012
i have dead cells on my face especially on my forehead.suggest me some home made scrubs or ways to remove them
by shweta     25-May-2012
For removal of dead skin you must scrub your face neck gently and them close the open pores by applying a pack suitable for your skin type.depending upon your skin type there are face and body scrubs available. for indians i would suggest bean mixed with water as an excellent exfoliater
by     25-May-2012
I have many dead cells on my forehead. I have had chemical peeling treatment for 3 sitting due to that 30% of the dead cells had gone out. chemical peeling is very cost process so pls suggest any home based treatments for rid of the dead skin cells
by srinu     29-Dec-2012

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