How to Get Smoky Eyes


Smokey Eyes are nothing but the intension of those who desire to emphasis on the sharpness of their own eyes. Smoky eyes would attract anybody’s attention on the first sight of their look at you. This eye makeup enhances and highlights the splendor of your eyes. This kind of eye makeup is the right choice of picking if you neither enclose an eyelid nor wish for a remarkable eye makeup.  The makeup will also make your eyes seem bigger and attractive.


 Smokey Eyes Steps


1. First clean your face with a facial cleanser for a clean and fresh look. Then put the foundation on your face and sprinkle your face with powder evenly.


2. Now, put a concealer under your eyes to hide any blemishes. If your eyes are the bottom of the basin slightly use the blackish color. Use a flat brush to smudge the color for a softer look and an even complexion.


3. Apply eye shadow base. In order to reduce the oil content on your face apply the eye shadow base. Make sure the eye shadow doesn’t look messy. It should be applied very gradually and neatly.



4. To separate the eyelids with upper base apply masking tape. Use the eyeliner brush as it is always better than a pencil for getting a clawless line.. Apply gently on your eye line. Do not get too thick, as your eyes will look scary and will be in the other way around instead of smokey eyes.


5. Similarly, draw lines even on the bottom eye lids. Always use eyeliner on the bottom eyelid as well. Give very thinner eyeliner to make the eye line prominent. The most important thing is to line your eyes to look very clear.


6. Always, give the basic color to the eyelids and give the lighter base color on the eyelid to the eyebrows. It is advisable to use a cream eye shadow. Dab a little powder and smoothen it by a soft brush.


7. Using your clean finger gently tap a pink satin or shimmer shadow onto your eyelids. Mix it into the black shadow along while moving upwards and outwards.


8. Combine colors to give a dark color to eyelid and choose always a dark color. Use a makeup brush to smoother eye shadow. Apply waterproof mascara to your eyelashes.


9. Check back makeup and look back at the color on the eyelid. You should make sure the color is mixed evenly and do not let the eyeliner looks messy.


By using all the above steps, you can effective get the Smokey eyes,  that you love to flaunt.. 

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