How To Look Younger Than Your Age


Everyone wants to look fresh and young these days. Maybe it is because of our fast paced lifestyle that people face stress and tension which directly reflects on their face and skin. Stress does cause early ageing and it can’t be avoided these days. Even men are not that far behind as far as looking young is concerned. Men these days take extra care to make sure that they look fresh every morning while leaving for office. For this they visit parlors and spas every week or fortnightly. There are many anti-ageing products available in the market which promises to remove ten years off your face. However very few can be trusted and that too don’t give complete results.
Two-Three decades ago if a man visited the parlor he would be considered feminine and girly, but now opinions have changed completely. Men these days even end up waxing their chest to look smooth and clean.

However looking young is not an overnight process and is not as simple as washing your hair and brushing your teeth.
There are many natural as well as artificial or medical ways of looking young. Natural methods are highly recommended as they do not have any side effects and can be easily adjusted into your daily lifestyle.

 Here are Some Steps that Might Help You in Looking Younger than Your Age


Sleep Well: A good night’s sleep is extremely important for every person. 7-8 hours sleep is a must because the muscles in our body need rest to recover and grow. Going off to sleep before mid-night is important because then you can get up early in the morning. Sleep replenishes all the energy that you have used in the previous day. If possible slip in an hour of sleep in the afternoon. Lack of sleep causes dark circles which are in turn signs of ageing. Plus the eyes look droopy if a person doesn’t sleep properly.


Maintain a Good Diet: Maintaining healthy eating habits ensures that you get proper nutrition. Plenty of fruits, fresh green vegetables and fish should be included in the diet. Also 4-5 liters of water should be consumed every day so that all the toxins are flushed out of the body.


Smoking and Drinking Should be Avoided: Smoking causes constriction of capillaries on the face, due to which every smoker looks pale and weak. The hair roots also tend to become weak. Smoking and Drinking weakens the immune system due to which that person is more prone to diseases and other illness. Both smoking and drinking take a hell lot of time to quit. Hence it’s better to stay away from it. Smoking can also cause cancer.



Balance Exercising and Eating: If you are a little overweight and have decided to loose weight by exercising and dieting, never ever go on a crash diet i.e. skip meals and eating less. This will only make you weaker and you won’t get the energy to exercise. Too much exercising may damage your muscle so always consult a trainer while exercising. Remember to strike a balance between your diet and your exercise regime.


Protect Yourself Against the Sun and UV Rays: Extra care should be taken to protect the skin from harmful ultra violet rays as the harmful radiations coming from the sun can damage your skin and accelerate the ageing process. Even if you are sunbathing apply a moisturizer and then sit out on the sun. Too much exposure to the sun can cause sunburns.


Don’t Color or Dye Your Hair: Avoid coloring and dyeing your hair. Hair colors are made of chemicals and may have many side effects on your hair. The texture of the hair can go bad. Hair dyes tend to damage the hair follicles which in turn lead to hair fall.


Stay Away from Cosmetic Surgeries: Cosmetic surgeries make u look like someone you are not, so stay away from it. Surgeries like Botox, Nose job etc. though highly popular gives the face a plastic look, more like a puppet. Surely no one fancies looking like a puppet.


These are some of the methods that can be adopted to look young and that too naturally.

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You need to make sure that you are at least washing your face eevdyray with a mild face wash of some kind. This clears off any bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate on your face throughout the day. I would just look for a basic eevdyray face wash for normal skin (I think neutrogena makes something like that). Do not use any kind of face scrub, with scrubbing beads, as this may cause you to break out. Get a gentle foaming one. Also be sure to put on sunscreen eevdyray to avoid damaging that naturally healthy skin. You could get a combo moisturizer with sunscreen.
by Riyad     08-Aug-2012

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