How To Make Cheap And Best Natural Hair Shampoo

If you are a nature freak or organic freak, you’ll want to use organic products; and the cheap and best natural shampoo too. However most of the so-called natural or organic products available in the market have deceptive and misleading descriptions. All the cosmetic brands advertise in a way as to promote their product as the cheap and best natural shampoo. However a true natural shampoo would have to be homemade, because every product you buy has some and usually a significant portion of synthetic chemicals. 

Myth about cheap and best natural shampoo 1: Organic products

A ‘100% natural’ product technically means nothing, because everything is primarily derived from nature. A ‘100% organic’ product may just have a few components, often in minor portions which are certified organic. ‘Water infusions’ and ‘extracts’ are of no use either since they merely imply that such a thing is present, that too usually in very minute quantities.

Myth about cheap and best natural shampoo 2: Proteins

Hair is dead tissue, made from a protein, keratin. It is a protein chain continuously added to by the cells at the root. The catch is, proteins and amino-acids, often claimed to be present in shampoos and organic shampoos are molecules that are too large to enter tissue, hair or scalp, unless through the bloodstream, and have no effect on dead tissue. As such, the action of proteins and amino-acids present in any shampoo is nonexistent.
Ingredients for making the cheap and best natural shampoo are varied. Several natural ingredients have been used over the centuries for taking care of hair. The Indian medicinal ayurveda uses many plant materials to create a cleansing and moisturizing mixture. In modern times, many people have come up with their own recipes for a cheap and best natural shampoo, and are probably quite effective. It is important to consider the fact that hair and scalp type, besides environment and exposure determine the kind of care that is required by your hair.

Ingredient 1 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Matrix

This is the thing in which all your other materials are mixed. Eggs are excellent, and are known to be helpful for hair. Other good matrix materials are organic aloevera gel, coconut milk, honey, mayonnaise, yogurt, gelatin and green tea; and if you’re wiling to bend the rules a bit, castile soap works just fine.      

Ingredient 2 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Anti-dandruff

Anti dandruff ingredients are lemon, Indian shikakai (acacia pods), ginger root and sesame oil.

Ingredient 3 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Oils

Oils are not strictly shampoo material, but are very useful for hair. These include jojoba, sunflower, sesame, sandalwood, lavender, geranium, rosemary, avocado and almond. Oils are best used as mixtures in hot oil treatment, or left overnight before shampooing. Oil is to be deeply massaged onto hair and scalp, covered with a shower cap and kept uniformly warm for about 15 minutes with a hot damp towel or hairdryer, or left overnight.  
Ingredient 4 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Henna
Henna is an excellent conditioner and coloring agent. Powdered henna mixed in water applied deeply works wonders, especially for dry hair.
Ingredient 5 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Herbs
These can be grown in your garden if the climate provides for it. They include rosemary and sage, good color restorers used by boiling and straining. Geranium, horsetail and nettle leaves are good shampoo ingredients, while beet and carrot juice work well for red color enhancement.
Ingredient 6 for cheap and best natural shampoo: Conditioners
If it doesn’t hurt you to waste it, beer works as a conditioner. Mix warm beer with some jojoba oil, and apply. Take care to not make it too oily, or you’ll have to shampoo afterwards. Other good conditioners include homogeneous mixtures of avocado and coconut milk, and avocado and mayonnaise.
To make the cheap and best natural shampoo meant for your hair type, you might have to become quite an alchemist. Identify the properties of all the ingredients available, and use them to the max to create the ultimate cheap and best natural shampoo.

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