How to Make Hands Soft



Our hands are the most hard working parts of our body. Right from the moment we wake up till the time we go to sleep, our hands are in constant motion. Unfortunately, our hard working hands are the first to feel the ill effects of wear and tear. Chapped palms , calluses and dry palms are the obvious signs of neglected hands.


Thankfully, soft hands are easy to achieve and maintain without spending much on the over the counter products. Five minutes of daily care and attention using common household products are sufficient to keep our hands looking soft for a lifetime.


Tips to Keeping Hands Soft




Moisturize Your Hands: Soft hands, like any other part of our body, require regular moisturising to keep them looking soft. Hence, our choice of a hand cream is as important as our choice of moisturiser .A good hand cream should be heavy and contain a high proportion of emollients like glycerine and petroleum jelly which help to contain moisture within the skin.


Exfoliate the Skin to Remove Dead Cells: The skin on hands needs to be treated with mild exfoliates to remove the dead skin cells on the surface.  Nature has created wonderful herbs and substances with medicinal properties that are available in plenty everywhere.  A mixture of lemon juice, granulated sugar or coarse sea salt and honey is very effective in removing dead skin cells. This mixture should be applied on hands and let to dry slightly. The paste, when rubbed off, removes the dead and coarse surface cells leaving your palms silky smooth.



Vegetable Oils and Butter: Vegetable oils and clarified butter are effective in softening hard skin on hands. The oil or butter should be rubbed on clean skin and held for 2-3 minutes over steam.  This helps the oil penetrate the skin and soften it.


Application of Hand Creams: Daily application of hand cream or pure glycerine on the hands as a part of the night time beauty routine helps protect the skin. If cloth gloves are worn on the hands while sleeping with the cream on, the cream stays on for 6-8 hours and softens the skin.


Wear Lates Gloves While Washing Clothes: While doing our routine chores, particularly in those tasks wherein our hands are exposed to water and other chemical substances which may damage the surface of the skin on your hands, you should wear latex gloves to protect the skin.



Wash Your Hands in Lukewarm Water: An easy pick- me- up for hands is to immerse them in a bowl of Luke warm milk.  The cream content in milk soaks into the hands, making them baby soft.


Home Remedies for Rough Hands: Homemade creams and pastes with almonds, cocoa butter and Vaseline can be made and stored in the refrigerator for daily use on hands to keep them soft and silky.


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