How To Prevent Boils Turning Into Abscess

Boils develop when the hair follicle is infected by staph bacteria. Boils are deeper when compared to pustules. An abscess is a larger lesion containing pus in full. To prevent a boil turning into an abscess, the boil should be covered with dry dressing and allowed to be in that condition for a few days, so that chances are more for the pus to drain out. Applying hot pack or hot soak on the boil can speed up pus formation. This process can be repeated for three to four times a day, taking care not to burn the skin with a very hot soak or hot pack. You should not press or squeeze the boil, lest the organisms may spread through the tissues or even get into the blood.  Some physicians prefer treating with penicillin if cellulitis has occurred around the boil, or if there is a cluster of boils. Sulphadimidine is used to treat septic lesion in case the boil is in open condition with discharge of pus. 


The infected area or the site of boil should be cleaned using permanganate crystals. This will stop spread of bacteria to other areas and formation of more boils is prevented. The garments of the infected person should be cleaned with sterile agents. The boil should not be opened in its premature stage. You have to wait until fluid forms in the boil and the top skin becomes thin. In this condition pus formation can be observed and opening the boil at this stage is justifiable. In brief, you have to take preventive measures against spreading of infection and also against the boil turning into an abscess. The boils which are not treated on time may develop infections deep into the subcutaneous layer and grow as an abscess. If a boil turns into an abscess, it may also lead to complications and treating it with antibiotics may become absolutely necessary. 
Usually, boils do not require any treatment and they subside in a week or two without treating them. However, care should be taken to prevent spread of infection. Unattended boil may become an abscess, or it may give chances for development of more boils. Opening the boil should be done by a competent medical professional only. Complete draining of pus from boils is possible if the operation is done by a healthcare professional. It is not possible to drain pus completely if the boil has turned into an abscess. In that condition, the doctors either open the boil by making a small incision on the head of the abscess or they use a sterile needle to drain the pus as much as possible and then place sterile gauze over the abscess. This process enables draining out the pus completely in a gradual manner. 
Conclusively, taking care of a boil is easier than treating an abscess. You have to only wait until formation of pus. You can then drain it and cover it with clean dressing. Therefore, maintaining hygiene before and after cure of the boil is very essential to prevent the boil turning into an abscess.

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