How To Prevent Gray Hair Naturally

It is often said that gray hair is the sign of wisdom. But if it starts appearing in the wrong age, it becomes a reason of concern. It is extremely discomforting for anyone to have gray hairs, which gives a wrong impression of the age. However one needs to understand the underlying reasons that cause premature graying of hair, and only then can we answer the million dollar question: How to prevent gray hair? In this article we will first understand the factors causing gray hairs and then look forward to some steps by which it can be prevented.  

Preventing Premature Greying Of Hair

The color of the hair is determined by tiny pigment cells known as melanocytes, present in the hair follicles. As we grow older, the activity of these pigment cells decrease, and a time comes when the pigment are no more made. When hairs grow without the pigment, their color becomes gray. In the normal course, everyone has a fixed timeline when our hairs will start graying. This is rather indispensable. However, in certain cases, the hair starts graying prematurely because of the following 

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12 If a person is one a diet that has deficiency of B12 vitamin then the hairs can gray faster. This can also happen if the stomach is unable to hold on the B12 vitamins, because of surgeries that involved the stomach. However, if B12 is insufficiently present in the diet, eating eggs, milk and meat would serve the purpose.
  • Thyroid disorders There are certain disorders in thyroid situation, especially hyper and hypothyroidism that can cause graying of hairs.
  • Skin disorder Disorders like Vitiligo where the skin starts losing melanocytes might end up resulting in premature graying of the hair along with patches of skin getting lighter.
  • For women, the problem of premature menopause can be a cause for the graying of hair.
  • One of the many harmful effects that smoking cause is premature gray hair!
Now that we know the reasons causing gray hair, addressing them directly may help the cause. There are certain ancient methods that are known to prevent graying of hair. Especially some herbs and some other edible items are used for the cause.
According to ancient Chinese medical science, the quality of hair has a direct relation with kidneys and blood quality. Therefore they prescribe consumption of seaweeds, molasses, sesame seeds, nettles, wheat to strengthen the kidneys and blood. However, the ancient scholars also maintain the fact that excess consumption might lead to completely opposite results. For instance, seaweed, if consumed more than the recommended amount will lead to excess iodine in the body, which will cause thyroid problems, a cause for graying of hair! The medicine science also recommends limited consumption of meat and salt. Modern hair products have confirmed the claims of ancient Chinese study by using herbs that are prescribed by Chinese scholars for better kidneys. One of the popular herbs referred in ancient Chinese studies is Shou Wu, named after a famous Chinese legend. However, it is not appropriate for everyone, and needs consultation before applying on your gray hairs, as improper use would lead to drastic effects like anger and depression.
On the other hand, the Indian medicine study handbook, Ayurveda associates hair with stress in the human physical and mental system. The constitution of the body gets affected by stress that causes premature graying of hairs. Ayruveda recommends use of herbs, one of them being bringaraja. It is taken in to enhance the energies of liver and kidneys, again reconfirming the ancient Chinese study. The herb is also used in various other hair oils and tonics that are used directly on the hair scalp. There is another herb called amla that is quite popular and is also used to strengthen the eyes besides preventing graying of hair.

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