How To Prevent Piles


Root Cause of Piles: Piles are more common in urban areas than in rural areas. The reason is that city people take processed foods frequently. Fast foods save their time. In rural areas, people take natural foods. Processed and refined foods lack fiber content. This leads to constipation. Constipation is one of the main causes of piles. Piles conditions are worsened when you pass hard stools. The hard stools scrap the anal skin and the body finds it difficult to heal this injury. Healthy diet and exercise can easily prevent piles. 

How to Prevent Piles


Drink Lots of Water and Include Dietary Fibers to Avoid Constipation:  Your first step to prevent piles is to take plenty of water every day and include foods containing fiber in your daily diet. Reduce intake of junk foods or avoid it totally if possible. Water plus fiber minus junk food will soften your stools and motion of stools becomes easier.


Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables:  Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are rich in fiber. Different fruits and vegetables provide different kinds of fiber. Therefore, change the fruits and vegetables in a cyclic manner. If the piles are small they will vanish in the course of time as you will be able to pass loose stools by adopting the above measures.




Exercise for Active Digestive System: Do exercise regularly. Your system is kept active by exercises. Your bowel movements are maintained even if you go on walk for 30 minutes every day. Walking can improve the efficiency of your digestive system and it becomes easy for the body to eliminate wastes. If you happen to spend much time on desk work in your office, walk for some time during the breaks. Your digestive system may become dull if you sit continuously in your office without giving effective movements to your body. 


Listen to the Nature’s Call: You should not defer going to toilet when you have an urge for passing the stools. Give topmost priority to it. Otherwise the waste remains in you and can cause many other problems. The stools become harder too and you may have to strain much for passing stools subsequently. When you strain frequently, the anus membranes may get damaged and this can result in piles.


Maintain Personal Hygiene: Prevention of piles can be supported by keeping the anus mouth and the external area clean and dry. The anus mouth should not have anything jammed in it. This may make passing the stools harder. The build up just inside the anus hole can cause piles. 


Physician’s Consultation: Dealing with piles is painful and embarrassing. Especially, when you have hemorrhoids the condition becomes worse. Therefore preventing hemorrhoids is very important. Following a proper lifestyle can prevent hemorrhoids. You should have it confirmed by your doctor if your present lifestyle is safe. Do not make any change to your lifestyle without consulting your doctor. A sudden switch over to very nutritious diets and regular exercises also can cause problems. The changes should be made in a phased manner. Your doctor who knows your system well is the best guide for you in this. 


If you are a pregnant woman having piles despite taking healthy diets, hemorrhoids may occur but they fade off after delivery. However, do not fail to attend nature calls immediate to their pronouncement.


Home Remedies for Piles


Dry Roast Cumin Seeds (jeera) for Piles: Mix one tablespoon of roasted cumin seeds with unroasted cumin seeds.  Powder it and take half teaspoon every day.


Radish Juice for Piles: Taking quarter glass radish juice and then gradually increasing it to half a glass over a month is quite effective home remedy for piles.



Figs for Piles: Eating overnight soaked 3-4 figs in the morning are beneficial if you are suffering from piles.


Banana Shake for Piles: Having banana shake three to four times a day helps in treating piles.


Bitter Gourd Juice for Piles:  Mixing bitter gourd juice in butter milk and having it every day is an effective home remedy for piles.

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