How To Relieve Office Stress


No doubt stress nourishes our hidden talent and helps us groom our capabilities but in excess it can greatly affect our efficiency. Stress can be of any thing. It can be work stress, salary stress or team stress. Excess stress is quite irritating and it can bring negative thoughts in the bearer’s mind that may even lead to increased suicide attempts.


So, here are certain tips to help you cope up with the office or work related stress:


Enjoy the Lunch Break: Don’t eat lunch sitting single in your cabin. Rather join a group and make that half or one hour break a time for enjoyment and relaxation. Be pro active in talking to all your colleagues regardless of your relationships with them at work. Forget that they are your office mates. During lunch treat them as your family members. After you are done with your lunch, make it a habit to spare 15 minutes of time to walk. Remember the idea ad “walk when you talk”.


Take Deep Breaths: It is normally seen that when a person is in stress then he take short, shallow breaths but this is a wrong act. We must breathe deeply. Perform this activity twice or thrice daily in the office. It really helps in beating stress.


Laughter is the Best Medicine: “Smile is a curve that can straighten many things”. It is rightly said by someone. So, laughter is the best medicine to reduce work related stress. It helps you rejuvenate regardless of the time and age.


Listen to the Music: Listening to your favorite music or singer brings a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation from within. You can listen to the music during tea break or during lunch break. It is best stress reliever for the people who are introvert in nature and don’t like talking to others.


Play Around with Props: Now days there are many props or stress balls available in the market that keeps you engaged and beats stress in no time. E.g. of such stress relieving props are mini basketball hoops, dart boards, stress balls etc. Squeezing the stress ball has been proven to be quite beneficial.


Do Stretching Exercises: Though it sounds funny but stretching helps you relax the muscles that gets tighten during stress. So next time when you are in stress, stand straight and stretch each and every organ. You can do this by pushing against the wall. Make sure that you are doing such exercises in place without obstructions. Obviously if you are doing this in the centre of workstation then it will look funnier rather than awkward.



Plan Your Days Work: Maximum of the stress at work is due to unplanned work. People who start planning after entering their workstation are bound to get stressed as they can’t finish off their work in time. So, it is better advised to prepare a time table of the work well before your arrival or you can paste a time table at your desk.


“Stress” Diary: In order to prevent future stress, it is better that you note down the causes of stress. This will greatly help you in long run. It not only identifies the sources of stress but will also help you eliminate the cause and you will not repeat that thing again.


Better to Say “NO” to Others: If you think that the work that is given to you is beyond your capabilities and can’t be done in a stipulated time frame then it’s better to say “NO” rather than taking the project and dangling is on and on. Saying NO is far better than taking on the project and failing to do that.


Participate in Official Events: Now days companies are organizing various events like dance competition, singing and acting etc. to beat work related stress. So, you should actively participate in such things as it will not only make you feel better but will expose your hidden talent that even you might not know.


These are some tips to relieve office stress. Though all tips might not have been mentioned here but the ones given has helped me a lot in beating stress and work and hopefully will also help you. All the best. 

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