How To Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a disorder. You may eat whenever you are sad. This means you are eating mindlessly. Therefore, following a diet regimen and doing exercises are not going to help stopping this habit once for all. There are ways to stop emotional eating, which are discussed below.  

You should be honest to yourself and try to find out the actual reason for your emotional eating. After knowing the root cause you should try to attack it. You should identify your actual feeling that causes mindless eating. You should know what compels you to eat every now and then. There is difference between physical and emotional hunger. To feel this difference, wait until you get the physical hunger. The urge of hunger can be felt in the stomach when you get a physical hunger. You may also feel lightheadedness at this time. You should then differentiate this physical hunger from your emotional hunger, namely the hunger which appears to be there when emotions like sadness fill your mind. 
When you are an emotional eater, you eat quite often, disallowing the real physical hunger to pronounce itself. You eat for the sake of subsiding your boredom or emotions. You do not wait for the body’s signal for having a meal. Your aim of eating should be to satisfy your physical hunger only. If you realize this you may stop emotional eating, as you can identify the false hunger. When you crave to eat something, wait for some time and try to find out if you are possessed by a feeling like sadness, anger or boredom. Then have your mind diverted by talking to a friend or by reading or writing something or by attending to some domestic works. If your feelings are uncontrollable, you can talk to a psychologist, do breathing exercises or practice yoga
To go step by step, at first you should be able to differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Physical hunger is to satiate your stomach and emotional hunger is to satisfy your mind. Avoid fast eating and chew the food slowly and thoroughly and give time for your stomach to send the signal of satiety. Avoid eating junk foods and snacks during entertainments like watching a television program. Take the foods you like but limit the quantities. Honor the meal time by eating at the kitchen table and not on a bed or sofa. At the same time, reduce your visits to kitchen. 
Your body is respectful. Nourish it with proper diets containing nutrients. Give adequate movements to your body, so that blood flow is maintained to all areas of the body. Respond to the genuine signals of your body. Spend at least half-an-hour a day for exercises. This can give you a feeling of well-being. Analyze your events in a day to see if they have a link to your cravings for eating. If you identify the feeling that triggers you to have mindless eating, you will be able to combat that feeling and overcome the problem of emotional eating. Alternatively, you can try to cope with your feelings that can trigger a craving for food. Taking the above measures will stop your emotional eating. 

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