How to Stop Flatulence

What is flatulence?


It is the natural process by which your body discharges the excess of air. Usually, a person 'passes wind' around 10 to 20 times a day. And anything that is above 20, it is considered excessive flatulence.


But what can cause flatulence? 


One cause is swallowing air, by eating fast, chewing gum, smoking or drinking carbonated drinks. Another cause is the bad digestion - if the food is not digested well in the stomach, it goes to the large intestine, where it produces gas. There are also foods that can make your body produce a lot of extra gas and these are food rich in fiber that is not digested very well. Also, you should avoid dairy products, if you are lactose intolerant, and junk food.



How can you stop flatulence?


Beans are certainly a cause for it. But if you do not want to give up on eating them, then you should cook them in a particular way. Add a fennel to the recipient in which you cook the beans. Also, you should use apple cider vinegar in the last cooking step and just before you serve them, add lemon juice.


What you can also do is to have a balanced diet. Don't eat too much, but often and in small quantities. Chew the food slowly and with your mouth closed. Eat food rich in vitamins and folic acid and try not to make a sudden change to a diet that has a lot of fibers.


But you can also try natural remedies that will reduce your embarrassing flatulence:


1.    Chew one tablespoon of fennel seeds.

2.    Chew after every meal fresh ginger slices soaked in lime juice.

3.    Drink after a gassy meal one cup of hot water with one tablespoon of fresh ginger root added to it.

4.    Drink a lot of tea based on chamomile, spearmint and peppermint.

5.    Drink the following mixture: one half of teaspoon of ginger powder, a bit of rock salt and of asafetida, all of these in a cup of hot water.


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