How To Take Care Of Skin While Travelling

You may be travelling frequently either for your business needs or any other compelling reasons. Many a times your schedules may be so hectic that you are not able to take of your skin. Still, you should bear in mind that travels definitely have their own impact on the skin. Whether your journey is by air, road or rail, it is certain that your skin undergoes changes proving the negative impact of your travel on it. There are many causes that contribute to these negative effects over the skin, particularly the facial skin. When the other areas of your body remain covered, your face is exposed, unless your cover it with a cloth when you sleep during the journey. However, covering the face deprives you of adequate oxygen, and the tissues that lack enough oxygen are going to deteriorate in their condition. This ultimately is manifested through the skin.  


Your skin reacts while you are on journey, when you land and even after reaching your destination. If you happen to fly for more than two hours, avoid prolonged use of headphones. This can prevent sore on your ears. If inevitable, use the headphones for short duration, like for watching a movie. Wipe off your ear skin and try to keep it dry during the flight. You can apply a little amount of lotion on your face which always remains exposed. Keep your hands clean and an antibacterial lotion can help you for this. You may be shaking hands, touching doors or handrails, which can infect your hands and when you touch your face the facial skin may be infected. Have your own tissue papers. In case you suffer with cold, make sure that the tissue you are using is compatible to your skin. 


It is important to have an idea on the climatic conditions prevailing at your destination place. If it is a warmer location, you should have a sunscreen to protect your skin. Otherwise sunburns may occur on your skin, which you will notice only you are back at home. Protect your lips with chap-stick, irrespective of the climate. Chap-stick will protect your lips from any extreme temperature, cold or hot. Chap-stick is a necessary item for lip care during travels. Take your own shampoo when you are on tours or travels. The shampoos provided by the hotels may not of an acceptable standard. Having your own shampoo is particularly advisable when you have a very sensitive skin. Your facial skin is especially very delicate and it may react to different shampoos and soaps. 


Snatch some time during your tight travel schedule for caring your skin. Try to maintain your skincare programs even during your travel. Your sleeping hours and your foods differ when you are on travel. You may have to follow different hygienic techniques in different places. This is the reason why you should have your own set of skincare products when you make trips. Face is exposed to different temperatures in different places. Wearing a hat to protect your facial skin from sunrays and cold weather as well is of utmost importance. 

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