I Piece Clip In Hair Extension

Hair Extensions are becoming very common. More and more women are going for hair extension. The one a piece clip hair extension is a one single piece of hair extension.  The extension attachment is hidden in your scalp and cannot be made out. The hair extension you use can be straight, curled, colored or perm. The extension will add fullness and length to your own hair. The hair extension gives you confidence as they give you a new look. The clips in the hair extension have the same color as the hair. There are clip in sliver as well, but they can be seen and everyone will know the fact that you have added hair extension. The clips with same color are undetectable and no one can tell that you are wearing hair clips. The clips are so strong that the hair extension will stay in place even though you dance or go out in strong winds or rain or move a lot.


You can change your hair style with the help of hair clips. One day you can have your natural short hair and the next day you add 1 clip hair extension and then it will be long and you ca create any style with it.


If you apply the 1 clip hair extension properly, then you won’t even feel that you are wearing them at all. They will feel and act just like your own hair. It is very easy to style the hair extension. It will style in the same way as you would style your own hair. The clip in the hair extension is small and cannot be detected. They are of the same color as hair extension. They are very secure, you can wear them when they dance or exercise and they stay secure and in place. The hair extensions have glue and if you have glued them, then they will stay the same way for approximately 3-4 weeks. The natural hair should have length of a pony tail so that the clip in hair extension can be fixed properly and it doesn’t show. You can get many varieties of hair extension.


The clip hair extensions will last for along time if they are well taken care of. If properly cared for and it is not exposed to a lot of rough atmosphere, then it will stay for a long time. The clip in hair extension takes around 10 minutes to clip in. The clip hair extension can be washed with the shampoo like your natural hair. You should not leave it wet as it will be spoilt if left wet.


You can style the hair in any manner you want with the clip hair extension. The clips are mostly small so they cannot be seen and no one can make out that you are wearing a hair extension. Even light hair can hold 1 clip hair extension. To add beauty and volume to your hair you can use the 1 clip hair extension and you will have hair of your choice that you have always desired.

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