Ideal Sleeping Position To Loose Weight

You may find it difficult to believe, but it is really possible to lose weight naturally while sleeping! There are different ways to do this. 


1.   Sleeping in the lateral position is good, but so far no specific sleeping position has been linked to weight loss. However, there are ways in which you can prepare yourself to sleep in your most convenient posture and lose weight while sleeping


2.   To lose weight while you sleep, the first thing you should remember is to ensure that you have a minimum of 8 hours sleep every night. Studies link overweight to lack of sleeping hours


3.   Lean muscle mass is capable of burning fat, while sleeping. This is done more efficiently if you sleep for the required number of hours and not less than that. To improve the lean mass muscle, you have to start a weight training schedule. By doing so metabolic rates during rest will improve. This in turn will help burn fat while sleeping


4.   Eating a proper weight loss meal also helps burn calories. The specially devised meals have to be taken at the right time and a regular sleep regimen should also be maintained


5.   The meal will administer the three important hormones that are responsible for weight loss during sleep. The three hormones (1) help rebuild tissues (2) control hunger pangs during sleep (3) burn fats and regenerate muscles



6.   When you keep the heat level low on the thermostat or cover yourself with a light blanket more energy will be spent in keeping your body warm. This is a good way to burn calories while sleeping


7.   Doing mild exercise before sleep is also good to help increase metabolic rates to burn fat while sleeping. Studies show that having an intercourse before sleep, besides relieving stress, helps increase metabolic rates during sleep


Here is a sample menu. Eating according to these guidelines (without missing meals and maintaining meal time schedules strictly) and sleeping for the right number of hours will help you lose weight during sleep.


Breakfast: (After 6am and before 8.30 am)

  1. Bread with jam or honey
  2. Tea, coffee or juice

This breakfast will include glucides (carbohydrates, the principal source of energy found extensively in the plant kingdom)


Avoid other dairy products like cheese and milk. Meat and eggs should also be avoided. 


Though this type of breakfast may increase level of insulin, you will have enough energy for the whole day. The time gap between breakfast and lunch should not be less than five hours


Avoid snacks between meals, but drink plenty of water and fluids



  1. Eat your lunch five hours (not later) after breakfast

  2. Glucide rich foods complemented with proteins. Meat and potatoes or fish and rice are good examples. 

  3. You can eat as much lunch as you want to

  4. Desserts can also be included


  1. Have dinner at least five hours after lunch

  2. Avoid glucides completely during dinner

  3. That means you cannot have fruits, fruit juices, pasta, rice, potatoes and corn for dinner

  4. Eggs, cheese, yogurt and salad are good ideas for dinner

  5. Coffee and tea without sugar can also be included

  6. Excluding glucides will facilitate burning of fats during your sleep

It is possible to lose weight while sleeping. A light exercise or a weight lifting regime just before bedtime can help burn fats while you sleep. Nutrition experts have devised diet programs that can facilitate the three hormones that are active in fat burning during sleep. It is important both to have meals on time and to sleep a minimum of seven to eight hours.

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