Information On Hair Removal Pain Relief

Removing hair from the hair follicles can be quite painful and most people tend to avoid it for this reason. Keeping the pain at bay and avoiding it is very important as it helps to avoid further problems and keeps skin irritancies away.

Tips for Hair Removal Pain Relief


1. Applying ice cubes or ice compressors onto the targeted area can instantly numb that area and provide instant relief. Ice can also be applied before the commencement of the hair removal procedure.


2. The skin must be stretched so that the pores can be opened up for easy hair removal.


3. The wax strip must be pulled off as quickly as possible so that the pain can be minimized.

4. Pressing the targeted area after the hair has been removed is very important as it helps to avoid further pain.


5. After the procedure is over, some soothing gel or lotion must be applied onto the targeted area so that further skin problems can be avoided.


6. The best time for hair removal is after one has had a bath, preferably with warm water as this helps to keep the pain minimum.


7. It is also advisable not to consume beverages that have caffeine in them as this helps to avoid further pain. Caffeine targets the nerves and makes one more nervous.


8. A large number of people also take medication before hair removal. The most commonly consumed medicines are aspirin, Advil and Tylenol. This medication must be consumed an hour before the procedure is initiated.


9. Ointments can be applied onto the skin as well. However, this offers its own limitations such as stickiness, skin irritancy and problems while waxing. Even though they are all quite effective, the best must be bought. These include Ametop, EMLA, Betacaine, ELA-Max, Study Spray and Mento-kaine.


10. Prescribed drugs are also available for the purpose of keeping pain at bay before hair removal procedures. However, this must not be a priority and medication of such kind must be avoided as much as possible.


11. A large number of people believe that mentally preparing themselves before hair removal procedures commence can help to keep the pain minimum. It has been noticed that when the professional carries on a conversation with the client, the client’s mind gets diverted and the pain is minimized.

12. While the hair is being removed, it has been said that thinking about your reasons for doing so helps to motivate you and hence, ease the pain a bit.


13. Thinking of the smooth skin that you will achieve after the procedure is over also helps to divert ones attention and hence provide pain relief.


14. Merely relaxing during hair removal is recommended. Breathing slowly or lighting a few candles soothes the nerves and therefore allows the client to feel minimum pain.


If one is experiencing too much pain, it is recommended that they take a break and resume the procedure after a few days or weeks. Sometimes, during a particular time of the year, the skin is more sensitive than usual and therefore more prone to pain. However, if the pain refuses to minimize, you must consult a doctor who will be able to provide you with medication. Or the next best method for hair removal can be carried out. You must remember that intense pain occurs for a reason and it should not be ignored as it could be symptoms of something more serious.

A large number of people tend to depend on alcohol and other substances for the purpose of minimizing pain during hair removal. However, this is not recommended as the consumption of such substances is always harmful. Also, if one consumes all the pain relief medicines in one go, it is very dangerous. Combining drugs can lead to further health problems and seriously damage the individual’s system.


If one is already under medication that provides relief from pain, it should not be believed that it will provide hair removal pain relief as well. Not only will this lead to problems and cause long term harm to your body but also lead to no results.

Even though the practice of removing hair from the hair follicles can seem barbaric and cruel, the truth is that it helps to keep the skin smooth and keeps the hair from coming back for a considerable period of time.

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