Is Botox Effective

Who does not like to remain young? Everyone would love to appear ageless. With botox Treatment, this is actually possible, it is believed. With age, a face will appear wrinkled; frown and laughter lines will become more emphasized.  Botox can reduce muscle strength in specific areas and reduce facial contractions that can cause wrinkles. 

Botox Treatment  

An ad on Botox will proudly claim that it reduces your wrinkles and makes you look younger. The question here is, ‘’is this a mere marketing strategy or is there any truth to this?”
Chemically called Botulinum Toxin A, Botox Treatment is used to paralyze the muscles which form wrinkles, crow feet, and frown lines, thus getting rid of them. When Botox is injected, it reduces the contractions of these muscles by weakening them, giving the person smooth and young skin.
Botox Treatment is the only treatment of its kind which is approved by the food and drug Administration (FDA) in USA for treating wrinkles. Since it is non-surgical, easy and meted out by professional physicians, it is often recommended over other anti-aging treatments. The effects of Botox are not permanent and last for 3-6 months after the treatment.
The procedure will last for about quarter of an hour; the result will become evident within a week and the effects of the treatment will remain for four to six months. This is because the chemical will remain in the body for about four to six months. 

Adverse Effects Botox 

That is why, if there are any side effects, they last for about four to six months, just as long as the effect of the chemical remains in the body. Severe side effects are rare. Botox treatments are not advised for (1) pregnant women (2) women who are breastfeeding and (3) people known to be allergic to the chemical used for the treatment.

Botox Injections 

In Botox Treatment Botox is inserted by a tiny needle in the specified muscle. The effects are generally visible after a week or so after the treatment. Alcohol, aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided a week or two prior the treatment. You can leave for your respective work immediately after.
So does Botox work? In a survey conducted, about 90% people claimed they saw a decrease in frown lines and wrinkles after Botox Injection. Most people agree that there is a significant reduction in wrinkles through this treatment, though it may not happen in all cases.
Botox treatments can be used for a younger looking face, since it is effective and relatively safe. The popularity of the treatment is because there are hardly any adverse reactions reported after treatment. That is why we hear of so many celebrities opting for the treatment and looking radiant even in their fifties and sixties. 
Though going against the rule of nature can always be a risk, as of today many many people have successfully taken Botox injections. Yet, care should be taken that the treatment is administered only by a reputed health care professional with a good reputation.
Botox treatments are very popular among the young and old because they an actually remove the years from your face. The treatment consists of injecting the Botox chemical that can weaken facial muscles and prevent contraction of those muscles that cause frowns and crows feet (below the eyes). It is a safe treatment with hardly any adverse reaction.

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