Is Botox Effective For Antiaging

Today, a Botox injection, the passport to a younger you, is easily available. In the past it was a well kept secret among celebrities. Since it was approved by the FDA in 2002, its popularity has never dimmed. Here was something that could really keep one young, just like mysterious beauties in well known fables!

But, apart from all the hype, does Botox really render a person her youth? Is it effective in keeping her looking young always? Read on to find out.
Botox is really a toxin (Botulism Toxin A) that when injected in specific areas, has the capacity to paralyze certain muscles to prevent them from contracting and forming wrinkles. Frown lines, for instance, can be paralyzed that they do not appear. Research has shown that Botox injections are also effective in helping cure neck pain and some other neurological problems.


There are a few reasons why the Botox treatment has become immensely popular


1. The cost of treatment is within reach for most people

2. The procedure lasts barely for 10 to 15 minutes

3. Side effects are minimal and temporary

4. The results are very apparent and usually satisfactory

Botox injections are seen to be 90% successful as per various clinical studies. However, this is a broad generalization. The effectiveness of Botox injections will be different for different people. The more pronounced the wrinkles are before treatment, the less likely they are to be cured completely.



Also, people who already have a skin texture that tends to sag may not see as much success in the treatment, as would a person with a firmer skin texture. Also skin texture that has been adversely affected due to smoking may not respond well enough to Botox injection.   In these instances, the wrinkles cannot be removed completely.
With hardly anyone speaking against the treatment, both in real life and on the virtual networking forums, it can be concluded that Botox is quite safe. However, as the chemical injected stays for about six months in the body, so does the effect of the injection. This means that you have to keep going for the next session of Botox injection to continue looking good!
Usually, the injections are repeated every three months, while its effect remains for about 120 days. The number of days the effect remains also depends upon the severity of the problem. The less complicated the treatment is, the better the effect of Botox.   
A significant point to be noted is that the side effects are also severe (you are actually getting a toxin injected in your system) if the problem for which the treatment is sought is severe. Ranging from a simple headache to complicated respiration problems, adverse side effects are many, though it affects people few and far between.


Botox injections are seen to be 90% effective according to clinical trials conducted. The injection got the FDA nod in 2002 and since then its popularity remains undiminished. The procedure lasts only for about 10 to 15 minutes. The effect of the injection becomes apparent within four or five days. However, the effect of the treatment lasts only as long as the chemical remains in the body (that is about three to six months). People who want to reduce wrinkles forever have no other option but to continue taking the injection every three months.

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