Is Hypertension Curable

Hypertension is the highest risk factor amongst the urban population. This has shown up in several demographic studies that have been conducted the world over. The more advanced the society becomes more deep-rooted does hypertension become amongst the citizens. Most people cut short their life expectancy because they succumb to a life threatening event such as a heart failure or stroke.


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Hypertension pills: Hypertension using modern medication is not curable. What modern medicines help you to do is to reduce the blood pressure and keep it under control. Once you start using these medications you are on a lifelong road to intake of pills daily. Most of the pills do not reduce the risk of a sudden cardiovascular attack. 



Most of the hypertension pills have awful side effects which the patients are left to deal with. This could be weakness, feeling sick, not being able to remain active, listless, headaches and lack of zeal and enthusiasm. This could be quite de-motivating for the patient and lead them to feeling depressed. 


This happens because blood pressure is the body’s way of letting the individual knows that the capillary vessels are narrow and the viscosity of the blood has increased. What the medications tend to do is to lower the blood pressure by increasing the supply of blood to the heart and lungs. The cure and medication are only able to treat the symptoms but not the root cause of the disease which still remains hidden putting the patient’s life at jeopardy.


Hypertension and lifestyle changes: What a hypertensive person needs to do is introspect and self reflect upon his lifestyle choices. He/she must try and analyze and then eliminate the root cause that is causing hypertension. Only then will he be able to find a cure in the long run. Over the shelf medication will just give him periodic relief but will be there unharnessed and waiting to sprout up at any time. 


Hypertension and diet: Look at your diet carefully and if you tend to have too much of animal proteins and refined carbohydrates then the arteries will get clogged over a period of time. Look at the dietary habits of your family and take immediate action.


Include the Following Foods in Your Diet


Garlic: It is the richest source of adenosine which is a natural vasodilator thereby lowering the blood pressure. Chop 3-4 pieces of garlic and have them with warm water.



Fruits and vegetables: They being rich in vitamin C, potassium, fibers and low in sodium tends to lower the elevated blood pressure. So, they are a must in our diet.


Potassium: Diet rich in potassium lowers the blood pressure. Stuff like bananas, water melon, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, spinach, soybean and almonds are rich in potassium.


Calcium: Deficiency in calcium is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. So, include calcium rich foods like milk, curd, spinach, jowar and bajra into the diet.


Fish: Fishes like tuna, mackerel and surmai if taken twice a week helps you lower your blood pressure considerably.



Scientific study has shown that the efficacy of hypertension drugs is not what they actually promise to be. They are unable to cure the patient of hypertension but only treat them and relieve them of some symptoms.


Hypertension is curable by several lifestyle changing measures and not only by medication. Once you increase the amounts of low fat foods and natural foods in your diet, exercise regularly and increase your general well-being you will be able to decrease your blood pressure levels.


On the other hand high blood pressure medication can decrease the quality of your life. It can even get you addicted to the daily intake of blood pressure drugs and only reduce the hypertension by a few notches or not substantially enough.


Most physicians will not agree that hypertension in fact is not curable by medication alone. If you have hypertension, act right now by changing your lifestyle. This will help you to increase your life span and the quality of life too. You can get back to normal within a few weeks by keeping a tab on your food and activity levels without having to pop those pills.

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So hypertension can be cured by watching your diet,exercise and lot more.
by Magret daniel     03-Mar-2012
Hi, I feel very low very tired and no intesets in life I HAVE HIGH BP FROM PAST 5-6 YEARS WHICH IS CONSIDERED AS HYPERTENSION FACING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION FROM PAST 3 YEARS. kindly suggest what to do .
by vinay kumar     16-Apr-2012

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