Is Hypertension The Silent Killer

Hypertension means high blood pressure in the arteries. It might sound like a simple term but hidden in it is the silent killer. You might wonder why hypertension is known as the silent killer. This is due to the fact that a person might be hypertensive for years without even knowing about it. In such a case the person might only come to know of it when he/she has a heart attack, a stroke, arterial aneurysm, irreversible eye and kidney damage or even complete renal failure. All these things might just arise out of the blue without any forewarning as such.


Hypertension is somewhat like a volcano within you if we were to draw an analogy. It might be hidden within you with no outwardly symptoms at all except for headaches at times. There will be no hint of it thriving inside you until it bursts out in a major health concern which could be life threatening. It is thus only through periodic and routine health check-ups that one will be able to find out if one is hypertensive unlike in any other diseases which are preceded by symptoms. Hence, the earlier it is diagnosed the better will be the treatment and it will not be allowed to become uncontrolled hypertension.


The only characteristic trait of hypertension is that it has no symptoms accompanying it. A person could have it for years, ticking away like a time bomb and not be aware of it. The person will be completely normal, cheerful and going about their normal chores when all of a sudden it can rear its head in the form of a complication and an untoward development such as a heart attack. Unfortunately, in some cases it might be too late for the person or they might be left with perpetual scars and trauma.


At the same time severe cases of hypertension do have certain accompanying symptoms such as headache, sleeplessness and dizzy spells. Hypertension also may not have a particular cause for it. Due to this it might be difficult to pinpoint whether the person might be prone to be hypertensive.


You will be surprised to read that out of fifty million Americans afflicted with hypertension, only an estimated thirty million people have been diagnosed. Those people who are not being treated for hypertension do not know that they have it and might feel just right and fit as a fiddle. At the same time, they are at great risk for severe ailments.


There are certain predispositions towards hypertension such as being overweight, a family history of hypertension, alcohol and smoking addiction, age, high intake of salt and no exercise. With these known high risk factors you must get yourself to the doctor regularly. Remember that just one reading of raised blood pressure levels will not classify you as hypertensive. The consequences linked with this silent killer are too grave for you not to take notice and control your blood pressure. It is quite easy to battle with certain lifestyle changes once it has been diagnosed.

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