Is Stress Harmfull For Our Body

How does stress affect the human body, is a question that is often asked by people whenever the subject of stress is being broached. Almost everybody experiences stress at certain stages of their lives due to various reasons. But many of them are not aware that if stress is experienced for a long period of time then it can have a very bad effect on the body. Our body responds in a particular manner whenever it experiences stress, because it perceives stress as some kind of a threat. Restlessness is induced in the body due to the production of stress hormone. The most prominent stress hormones are dopamine, endorphins which causes various effects on the body. The function of these hormones is to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and it makes the digestion system to work slowly. Hence most of the body’s energy is diverted for dealing with the stressful situation. These types of activities propelled by stress hormones are only beneficial for a couple of minutes because it gives the body the adequate power to deal with the situation. But things begin to get worse if these stress hormones carry on these activities for a longer period of time because it affects the body adversely.  


Everybody does not experience the same set of symptoms for stress. The symptoms might differ from person to person because the cause for your stress can be totally different from your friend’s and hence you will experience different set of symptoms. When the stress becomes extreme then it can deter the normal functioning of various systems in the body. One of the initial effects of stress on the body is that a person starts to experience headaches more often. Even the immune system does not function properly due to excessive stress. So you are bound to get sick more often because of the low performance level of the immune system. When you experience stress for days or weeks at a stress then your sleep pattern will get disturbed and you might feel very sleepy during the middle of the day and you will stay awake throughout the night. Due to lack of proper sleep you feel tend to feel fatigued, which will give rise to other problems in the body. Weight gain is the most common outcome of fatigue which is primarily caused by stress. The combination of stress and fatigue can decrease the rate of metabolism.


Stress can also take a toll on your libido and it will decrease your desire to have sex. It is said that physical intimacy in a relationship is an important ingredient for happiness. Stress in a way can ruin your relationship, which will cause further stress in your life. A person experiencing stress suffers from high levels of blood pressure and when blood pressure becomes abnormally high then it can cause heart attacks. So in certain cases stress can prove to be fatal. Hence it is imperative to decrease the amount of stress in your lives so that you can lead a happy and healthy life.

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