Japanese Green Tea-A Taste Of Health

The seeds of Japanese green tea were brought in from China. In China the seeds of this type of tea were grown. This incident transpired during the ninth century. Some monks who belonged to Japan were studying in China. From there they gathered a lot of information on the Chinese culture and got to know about green tea. These monks brought back few samples of the tea to Japan so that it can be used for the purpose of medicines. Initially the common people of Japan had no access to the green tea. But after the period of three centuries, the cultivation of green tea started in Japan, as the Japanese discovered about the benefits of green tea.  

After the fifteenth century Japanese green tea became very popular. In many countries Japanese green tea is used as a way to loose weight. Japanese green tea has the potential to reduce the amount of fats in the body. A chemical named polyphenol, can absorb the fats in the foods while they are digested. The energy levels in the body can increase with a cup of Japanese green tea. Since the rate of metabolism also increases due to Japanese green tea, losing weight becomes very easier for people. Japanese green tea can also aid in making the skin healthy. The presence of antioxidants in it makes it possible to make the skin healthy. Various types of diseases can be prevented by having this tea. If you suffer from bad breath, then consumption of Japanese green tea will help you in combating the problem of bad breath. With the process of ageing, the skin can succumb to many diseases if it does not get proper dose of vitamins. Japanese green tea can provide the system with appropriate vitamins which can in turn help the body to decrease the rate off ageing and other diseases can be prevented.


There are many people who find it difficult to control the level of bad cholesterol. It is imperative to maintain optimum amount of cholesterol as, if they are found in excess amounts then the body can suffer from many ailments. Cholesterol basically hinders the functioning of many systems. The blood vessels in the heart can get clogged with excess cholesterol which is the main reason that people suffer from heart attacks. The catechin found in Japanese green tea can facilitate in decreasing the amount of excess cholesterol. The teeth can stay in a healthy condition if you drink Japanese green tea because it comprises of fluoride. Fluorides are instrumental in maintaining the health of the teeth. The strength of the teeth can be increased by having this tea regularly. If you are suffering from sore throat then you can use Japanese green tea to gargle. Majority of the people in Japan use this tea to cure common cough and cold. When a person gets too tired then a cup of Japanese green tea can help him to relax and provide calmness to the mind, which is not a common characteristic in most of the other beverages.


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