Keloid Scar Treatment

The Keloid scar is the most difficult type of scar to get rid of or remove from your skin and it is a cause of alarm for those who have it. Removing or hiding the keloid scars from your skin and is a huge problem and it is a cause of alarm for those who have them.

Keloid scar can be large or small. The size tells the level of problem of the scar tissue. If keloid scar is over a joint, it may result in mobility difficulties and also pain. There are many ways of treating keloids scars. These treatments consist of compression therapy, cryosurgery, steroid injections, silicone sheeting, radiation surgery and laser treatment.
Cryosurgery along with the use of steroid injections is quite a good method of dealing with smaller keloids. However, if the keloids are big in size, then you need to go through surgery to take care of it. The most suitable treatment for keloid is not just keloid removal, but it includes treatments which are applied prior to, during, and following surgery. The steps taken for removal of keloid scar removal are many. The firs step is to inject steroids into your scar tissue to help you reduce the scar. It has been observed that it results in the reduction of occurrence of scars. When the keloid is taken out, the location should be looked after carefully.
Another method is the using of compression therapy or silicone sheets to maintain the keloid from recurring. Compression therapy can last for about 12 months. The Laser and radiation treatment are also the answer to this problem. It helps you to deal with the keloids. In laser therapy there is a laser that creates a shallow peel. The laser therapy along with silicone sheeting or steroid injections can increase the success rate.
Radiation therapy is most effective when it is applied just after the surgery. When this kind of treatment is used while the injury continues to heal, it becomes all the more effective. There are many gels and/or topical applications that are applied for keloids scar treatment. When you opt for this type of treatment, then you should go for the treatments that are 100% silicone as they are most suitable type of treatment. You can also try the products that include onion extract as they have been found to be effective when dealing keloids scar.
The most effective method is the laser scar removal treatment. It uses lasers to eliminate the skin layer containing Keloid scars from your body, and reveals the clearer more natural layer of skin. After this type of treatment, your skin will be more striking and flawless. Lasers can also be used in the improving collagen growth under the skin surface. This therapy helps increase the bodies healing method which then quickly heals the scars from the inside.
There are some contradictions and conditions for Keloid scar laser treatments. Those who have darker skin can undergo the laser treatment for keloid, but they are not effective on them. Those who have psoriasis and dermatitis types of skin complications may not have successful keloid treatment. You have to study carefully before going in for any type of treatment.

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