Laser Treatment Of Acne

One of the latest modes of treating acne is through acne laser treatment. Acne laser treatment appeals to a lot of people as no gels or creams needs to smear on the affected region which makes the entire process of acne laser treatment less cumbersome. A patient does not need to consume any kind of drugs during the time of acne laser treatment and this method is free of any harmful side effects. Along with scarring, this acne laser treatment can also be used to cure acne vulgaris.


Things to be know before acne laser treatment 


Although a lot of research still needs to be done before making the laser treatment as the staple way for treating the acne. Before taking a plunge with acne laser treatment, one needs to decide whether he wants this treatment to stop the occurrence of acne altogether or because he wants to get rid of the scars left by the acne. Making this choice is important as there are various types of acne laser treatment available, and for choosing one of them, the purpose for the treatment needs to be known. A doctor who has a lot of experience in the field of acne laser treatment should be consulted so that adequate information and guidance is received.  


Process of Acne laser treatment


Acne laser treatment can prove to be a costly proposition. An alternative for this have been developed in the form of crystals made by aluminum hydroxide so that the uppermost layer of the skin gets removed and this method is used for severe conditions only. To get a permanent solution for severe acne it is better to try the acne laser treatment as it has been proved as one of the most effective treatments for acne. The popularity level of acne laser treatment has been soaring, as more dermatologists have been recommending this treatment to their patients and the feedback received from the patients is excellent. During acne laser treatment a device produces laser beam on the affected region. Due to the heat of the laser beam the sebaceous gland’s size becomes smaller and these glands are one of the primary culprits for causing acne. This example might you the impression that acne laser treatment will be a very painful procedure but on the contrary it is a painless process.  



Types of Acne laser treatment


There are basically four types of acne laser treatment: Nonablative treatment, erbium treatment, carbon dioxide treatment, and smooth beam laser treatment. In non ablative treatment, the collagen production in the skin is increased. Erbium treatment is mainly used to treat acne scars. Carbon dioxide treatment can be used to treat all the types of acne and this one of the reasons for its popularity. Smooth beam treatment is used on people who have acne and prior to the commencement of the procedure the patient is given a local anesthetic. Through this type of acne laser treatment the growth of collagen gets multiplied. Acne laser treatment is mostly preferred by those patients who do not want to consume antibiotics and are always in search of quick results.

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