Make up Foundation for Black Women

Makeup is an effective tool for woman, especially with darker skin tone. The foundation makeup for black women can be notorious for the funny shades that can be a result of poorly blended powders.  These days, a lot of companies are offering foundation with specifically suits to black women and are available at fair price as well. However it is important that it makes the skin look flawless and completely natural.  Care should be taken while applying it to the skin so that you end up with a flawless complexion.



There are many brand names selling different makeup for specific skin tones, especially for dark females. To make sure on the right product which mixes well with your skin tone, one should not shy away from testing the foundation. Foundation if applied correctly can make a black face glow with beauty. Foundations are available with sunscreen and can be useful for outdoors or travel.


How to Apply


Apply small quantity and distributing it evenly across your face. Start with a light application of foundation on forehead and proceed to the nose, cheekbones, eye area and chin. Now combine it up. Avoid over-application of the foundation or it will appear like a mask. Foundation should complement your skin and enhance your look.


Foundation can be applied by using fingers or more sophisticated tools like brush or sponges. While an oily skin would prefer application of foundation through sponge as that will help in distributing the foundation evenly, as compared to fingers which are more suited for dry skin as they help in enhancing the moisture of the skin.


The most important thing to keep in mind while applying foundation on black skin is to combine it together to blend with your skin tone. The makeup should not reflect changes in skin color with spots making it really obvious that the face is lighter as compared to your neck area. To avoid this, one should understand their skin type and tone and choose the foundation accordingly.


Importance of Powder Makeup


Powder forms an integral part of makeup foundation for black women. While applying powder, take just enough to make your face look as natural as it may be. You can use a cake face powder or a loose one as it doesn't really make a difference as long as they complement your complexion. This can be done by using a powder blush.


Black Women should particularly avoid oil based foundations. These foundations give more shine to the face and darken it over a period of time. Mineral based foundation is highly recommended to get a fresh glow on your black skin tone.

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