Make up foundation products

Make up foundations products are probably the most difficult to get your hands on. And what I mean by make up foundation products is not any random product in the market. What I intend to tell you is how to find the right make up foundation products for your skin. Each skin is different and each skin has a personalized need. It is incorrect to make generalized statements about what one should use on the skin. A dry skin type will have very different requirements from an oily skin type or a combination skin.


The make up foundation products for the dry skin type has to have a cream base, to retain the moisture in your skin. A well hydrated skin is extremely necessary as people with dry skin types tend to be gifted with premature wrinkling. So, if you keep your skin well hydrated you can abrogate premature fine lines and wrinkles. Whereas, a person with an oily skin needs to negate excess moisture present in the skin pores. Usually for oily skin types get based products like gel based face wash, sun screen amongst others are advised.



The players in the cosmetic market for make up foundation products are L’Oreal, Chanel, Chambor, Clinique, maybelline, lakme, lotus, shahnaaz hussain, ever youth, ponds, synergy, garnier, Olay. Needless to say there are many others from which you can choose your make up foundation products. Numerous companies tend to highlight their product as the best suitor for your skin. In fact, most of the companies have the same claims. Try not to get duped by the make up foundation products which advertise well.


Many products which may not be well advertised may be the right skin care product for you. Who knows skin best than a dermatologist? Whenever in doubt ask your dermatologist. He/She can guide you regarding make up foundation products to be used on your skin. The factors the dermatologist will take into consideration are your skin type, the history of your skin in case you have gone through any skin problem and your allergies. Your skin may react against certain products by developing rashes or breakouts, and you can get know your allergies through an allergy test. It may be a blood test or any other depending on what your doctor advises you.


When you know which ingredient does not suit you, then, go into the market and skim through the products you would wish to invest your time, money and effort in. Make up foundation products need to hydrate your skin and not make it oily. Many make up foundation products have a shine free look and when the call of the day is less is more it is best to go natural. Go natural does not mean go make up free, what it means is put neutral make up, nude shades are in vogue so cash upon that. Do not follow a trend, make the trend. Make the right choice and use your make up foundation products with panache.

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