Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes occur across Caucasian and Scandinavian ethnic groups and also in some parts of Asia. Green eyes are found in a variety of shades ranging from hazel green to moss green.  The key to make your eyes stunning and beautiful is to choose the eye make up colors that do not compete with the natural color of your eyes. The correct color of eye make up turns ordinary eyes into sparkling, gorgeous eyes.

Essentials for eye makeup 


  1. Base Coat Eye-shadow Cream (usually white)

  2. Three shades of Powdered Eye-shadow

  3. Eye-shadow Brush

  4. Pencil Eyeliner

  5. Pencil Sponge

  6. Mascara 

  7. Cotton swabs

  8. Shimmer eye shadow

  9. Eyelash curler


Eye Shadow Types


The best option would be to use a creamier, smokier or darker eye shadow that will enhance the beauty of your green eyes. Eye shadow colors that go well with green eyes are shades of brown and lavender. Blue, Pink, White and Silver shades do not gel with green eyes.


Eye liner

Plum and Golden shades of eyeliner accentuate green eyes. Shades of black and brown also look good.



Brown and black shades accentuate green eyes. Mascara in dark green can be used for party wear.

Evening wear and your eyes

Shades of bronze and lavender are good for evenings. Purple shades directly contrast with green eyes and create a dramatic contrast. This look is perfect for evening wear. On the other hand, warmer shades of browns blend with green eyes and create a subtle effect. This look is great if the accent is not on the eyes.


Make up procedure for eyes


  1. Clean and moisten the eye area. Shape the eyebrows and darken them with a light or dark brown eyebrow pencil.

  2. Apply eye base under the eyes and in the area between the eyelids and the brow bone. Use a medium shade of eye shadow over the eyelid till the brow bone and a dark shade in the outer corner of the eyelid. To brighten the eye, dab gold shimmer over the inner corner of the eye.

  3. Line upper eyelids in a dark shade of eyeliner

  4. Curl eyelashes with an eye lash curler

  5. Apply mascara to the upper lashes.

  6. For evening wear, team black eyeliner with a kohl pencil to line the upper eyelids. Smudge with a cotton swab for smoky eyes

  7. Draw a double line of kohl at the outer end of eyes to get dramatic “ cat’s eyes


Caution in Eye Makeup


Almost every color of eye make up goes well with green eyes except shades of yellow and green. Both of them dull the natural color of the eyes. Green eyes often have hazel or yellow undertones. Use of brown or yellow eye shadow will bring out these undertones and align the eye color towards brown shades.


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