Makeup Foundation Kit

Makeup foundation is a perfect ornament for your face to glow and look flawless. It helps to conceal the blemishes and to even out the facial skin tone.   A makeup foundation kit comprises of a variety of products that are specific to a gamut of skin tone and type. Some of the essentials in this list include foundation products, concealer, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and a variety of face creams and moisturizers.

These things put together are a heart of any makeup foundation kit. A correct mix of makeup foundation kit is surely the first step to achieve a perfect makeup. Knowing the right foundation makeup kit will work best for your skin.



Foundation provides a smooth palette to the skin, thus setting the right tone for a natural looking makeup. Foundation comes in various forms. Tinted moisturizers also serve as a good light foundation as they provide good skin coverage without drying the skin. The same functionality can be extracted from Mousse foundation also. However the aerosol can packaging to keep the whipped cream foundation makes it more expensive. A liquid foundation is preferable in case of dry skin and provides smooth application. These foundations are recommended to be applied using gentle movement of fingers, instead of using brush or sponges.


Concealer is applied to hide blemishes, sores, bags, and other marks on the face and comes in lot of shades. One should use a light concealer which matches with the skin color to maintain naturalness in their makeup. Use of Blush adds dimension to your face and makes it more youthful.


Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is another important and essential part of any makeup foundation kit. It is available for almost any skin tone. For everyday use, one should prefer neutral and complimentary colors that can be used every day. More exotic and dramatic colors are the choice for special occasion. Eyeliner is also very popular among women and is used on the edges of your eyelids closest to your eyes and just below the eyes.


Powders and Lipsticks

Other ingredients of a good makeup foundation kit are Powders and Lipsticks. Powder can set your foundation and prevent it from wearing off as fast. It is also very effective specially to cover the black tone of the face. Lipsticks ads up gloss to the lips and are available in variety of color.

One should also consider using a bronzer to add additional color to the face. This is more beneficial during the summer time to give the appearance of a tan without the sun damage.




Look for the expiry date of the product you buy as using them beyond the expiry date can harm you skin.

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