Male Infertility and Sperm Penetration Assay

We all know that infertility is known as an inability of male and female to conceive even after having sufficient sexual intercourse. Sometime, it may not lead to pregnancy even though couples try to have unprotected sex throughout the year.

In this article, we shall discuss about male infertility and the possibility of overcoming the problem using sperm penetration assay. Only about 10 – 15% of the people seek for medical help or assistance regarding their problems of infertility. It is actually known as sperm penetration assay, often called as hamster test.
Sperm Penetration Assay is used for checking the infertility of the male sperm if it shows no effect even after stripping off the outer layer of the hamster egg. This test is conducted in a laboratory with the sperm of the patient. Sperm is collected in a cup by masturbating or by collecting it at the end of sexual intercourse. The sperm of the infected male is put into a tube with the stripped hamster egg. It means that they are combined together. Later on, the combined substance inside the tube is tested.
If the rate of penetration is more than 10%, then this case is considered to be capable of fertilise the human egg released from the ovary of the woman. If the rate is less than 10%, then there is a chance of infertility in males. The sperm cannot fuse with the eggs and fertilise them substantially. This can also be because of the low sperm count. Any male can suffer from low sperm count that can lead to infertility. Various research centres have come up with a solution to detect the disease and find a cure for it. Among the solutions, Sperm Penetration Assay is mostly used for overcoming male infertility through a series of test and semen examination.
There is risk involved in using Sperm Penetration Assay though the test may show accurate results. Penetrating human egg is different than penetrating hamster egg and therefore it is essential to seek help from professional medical experts. There are various steps that are followed while testing sperm penetration assay. First of all, the sperm is collected and then it is sent to the lab for testing. Secondly, zona is prepared which is also known as free hamster oocyte. In this process the outer layer of the hamster eggs are stripped and combined with male sperm in a test tube. If any person is facing sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, tiredness while having sex, sexually inactive, etc. then visiting a doctor is a wise decision and idea.
Sperm penetration assay is an indicator of the vitro sperm penetration. This test analysis can prove the sperm count, Kruger morphology as well as viability of the sperm of a male patient. It can also detect early signs of prostate gland inflammation as well as show whether the person is suffering from sperm infertility or not. Today, most of the countries have adopted the Sperm Penetration Assay so as to get accurate result of male fertility.

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