Medical Conditions Related To Obesity

Obesity is dangerous for life as many diseases like diabetes, heart strokes or attacks, etc. Obesity is medically related to our health and this article will explain about how medical conditions are related to obesity.


There are some conditions that are statistically related to our health. Obesity is the main reason for causing complications inside our body. As it is repeatedly said that obesity is dangerous to life, you must always take precautionary steps to stay away from its deadly consequences. Many people die every year due to obesity. More than 37 types of diseases can affect our body that is caused due to obesity. Well, let us have a look at the medical conditions that can prove to risk factors for obesity.



The listed diseases are likely to cause due to obesity. Take a look!


1.    Abdominal obesity

2.    Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

3.    Obesity hypoventilation syndrome.

4.    Gnyecmastia.

5.    Obstructive sleep apnea.

6.    Acanthosis nigricans.

7.    Adenovirus serotype 36

8.    Bardet-Biedi syndrome.

9.    Prediabetes.

10.    Hypertension.

11.    Diabetes mellitus type 1 & type 2.

12.    Diseases of affluence.

13.    Stretch marks and many more.


According to the statistical record of medical conditions related to obesity, which was conducted by National health Survey in Australia, it was found that


1.    Obese men are likely to get diabetic faster than those who have a normal weight.


2.    Women, who are obese, have four times more chances to become a diabetic patient than the other women of normal weight.


Let’s discuss some facts about medical conditions that related to obesity, which cause high risk to life. Some study and research has revealed that lesbians have more chances to become an obese than heterosexual women. Obesity in human increase great risk of heart related cardiovascular diseases as well as many other medical conditions.


In America, one in three people are obese or overweight. People between 20 years and 74 years are more likely to become obese than aged or a child. When the weight of a person is compared to the height, it results in the difference created between an obese ad overweight people. This is called BMI (Body Mass Index). If you have a chance to check your BMI, you must know that BMI up to 25 is normal weight and you do not have to worry at all. But, if it has exceeded 25, then you can become overweight. BMI 30-35 indicates obesity. These days, childhood obesity is taking place increasingly in the history of human health. The foods which we eat today are adulterated or duplicated using organic farming techniques. These foods do not supply adequate nutrients and minerals to the body and hence it causes many diseases. The consumption of imbalanced and wrong food will either make a person obese or may disrupt good health.


If an obese child is not taken care in his early obesity, he will become an obese adult in the later years to come. Though it may not show immediate effect, the child may surely become an obese in future. Obesity is purely dangerous to life as the above mentioned medical conditions are related to it.


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