Men’s Cologne

Recent research has it that in the professional world, a man’s perfume carries as much weight as his handshake, when it comes to making the first impression. A man’s scent should be distinctive and should provide immediate and pleasant recall. It is therefore wise for a well dressed man to invest in a good scent.


The market is filled with thousands of scents for men. Choosing the right cologne that is best for you is difficult. The best way is to research and read reviews of the brand that you plan to buy. The internet is the best place to find information about various brands and make your choice.




All perfumes are formulated from aromatic oils and extracts of spices. The difference between a perfume and cologne is in the alcohol content in the scent. Colognes have a higher percentage of alcohol and are therefore lighter and evaporate faster as compared to perfumes.


Tips for Using Cologne


1. Due to differences in body chemistry, the same cologne smells different on two people. While purchasing cologne, it is very important to try on the cologne before buying the same. Trade mark cologne should be a well researched buy. It is advisable for a well dressed man to invest in two or three branded colognes and use the same in rotation. As colognes are light, experimentation by layering one over the other to create a new scent is also possible.


2. Cologne is an amorphous mixture of a top note and a base note of scent, depending on the type of perfume. Colognes are created to suit different personality types using fruit and flower extracts, spices and musk. The golden rule for using cologne is “Less is more”. In closed spaces like an office, cologne should not be discernable at a distance of more than two and a half feet. In open spaces, e.g a party area, this distance can be up to five feet. Cloying fragrances are a fashion faux pas in today’s world. Light floral and woodsy colognes for men are timeless classics.


3. There is a wide range for men’s toiletries based on different themes available in the market. These popular packs include bath soaps, deodarant, talcum powder, hair grooming products and colognes and all products in the pack have the same distinctive fragrance. While using these products, it is not advisable to mix two or more brands as the mixture of scents would make it difficult to distinguish any single scent.


Popular Colognes Based on Personality Type are


1. Versace Pour Homme for the sporty type of men


2. The One by Dolce and Gabbana, Extreme by Paul Smith for well groomed Professionals.





3. Le Homme by Yves St Laurent, Gucci by Gucci for the quite, Self contained gentleman


4. Euphoria by Calvin Klein for the young gentleman.


5. Kenzo and Burberry range of colognes for Evening wear.

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