Methi and Curd For Hair

Methi or Methi leaves has great prominence among the herbs. Its medicinal properties are unlimited. Both the leaves and the seeds are equally useful in many things. Methi leaves are good for controllingjavascript:void('Medium Blue') hair fall to a great extent. Regular usage of Methi seeds and leaves can prevent balding.


Methi also play a great role in preventing greying and thinning. Fenugreek is also a best medicine for hair growth. One can assure thick and silky long hair if they use Fenugreek regularly. In beauty treatments Methi can be used in combination with curd, honey, henna, hibiscus powder, shitake powder, Aritha powder and Amla powder for different purposes.


Among the various other combinations Methi and Curd ranks the best combo. Using Methi and Curd can solve many beauty issues. Curds are a form of fermented milk. Curd has been used in Ayurveda to soften hair and give it luster. Sour Curds are also recommended as a cure for dry scalp and dandruff. Sour curd is known to be a hair conditioner. Curds are used as an agent to add softness and lustre to the hair. Curds are very good medicine that is used for dry scalp and also as a dandruff treatment. Curds are also known as natural hair conditioner. It is always wise to use the homemade curd for which the result is high as it pure and free from chemicals. So curd is the best remedy for the ones those love to have a silky and dandruff free hair.


Methi Curd Combination to Cure Many Hair Problems


Using Methi and curd together can find solutions for many hair problems. They can also be used in combination with many other herbs for the best results.



Complete Dandruff Solution


Dandruff is one of the commonest problems faced among both males and females. Dandruff weakens the hair roots resulting in hair fall.  Dandruff also makes your hair weak and greasy. It is true that dandruff causes much discomfort for many. To overcome this problem, we have a methi-curd combination.


How to apply methi and curd to your scalp to avoid dandruff


Two spoons of Methi soaked in water overnight should be made into a fine paste. Add sour curd into the paste and blend well. This finely powdered mixture should be applied to the scalp and should be left for 30 minutes. After that rinse your hair with cold water. This treatment should be done twice in a week for three weeks. This treatment will be the best treatment for dandruff control.


Individually also three day fermented curd can be applied on the scalp. Massage it and leave it on hair for one hour and rinse it off. As curd is readily available you can use it regularly. This can control dandruff to a great extent.


Methi Curd Combination  A Best Homemade Hair Conditioner


Many of you will be looking out for a chemical free conditioner and for them here is the perfect solution. This conditioner is natural, homemade and free of chemicals. Two table spoons of Methi should be soaked in water overnight. This should be made into a rough paste and can be applied on the scalp directly. This should be left for 20 minutes and can be washed off with cold water. This treatment will help you to make your hair silky and smooth.


Methi Coconut Oil combination For a Silky And Smooth Hair



Methi seeds soaked in coconut oil can be used for hot oil massage. This controls greying of hair and keeps the hair silky, smooth and healthy. A regular hot oil massage keeps your head cool.


Methi Henna Powder A Natural Colouring Agent


Instead of using chemicals and other colouring agents try this natural colouring agent as they make your hair healthy and strong. Methi powder mixed with henna powder, hibiscus powder, and Amla powder should be warmed well in an iron vessel and then this mixture should be mixed well with curd. It can be applied on the hair and should be left for a couple of hours and washed off. This treatment gives natural colour to your hair and controls greying of hair.


Methi Honey Pack Best Home Solution for Dry and Damaged Hair


This pack has been tried by many and has got amazing results. To prepare this pack soak 50gms of Methi seeds in water for overnight. Make these seeds into fine paste, add some honey and one spoon olive oil and make into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the scalp and hair and leave it for 45 minutes and wash off with water. This pack can be applied twice in a week for damage free and strong hair.



Methi Olive Oil Combo Perfect Remedy for Thinning and Hair Splitting


Take some methi seeds in a bottle and add equal quantity of olive oil and mustard oil and keep it for a day or two. This mixture can be applied on the scalp and massage it for sometime. Leave this for twenty minutes and then wash it off. Try this on alternate days to get thick and healthy hair.


Homemade Methi Hair Cleanser 


Greasy hair tends to collect dirt and oils very quickly. An effective cleanser for hair can be made by mixing 2 spoonfuls each of shitake powder, Aritha powder, Amla powder and Methi powder. To rinse the hair, a dilute solution of curds and water in which rice has been boiled should be used. The herbal powders cleanse the oils from the scalp while curds and rice water soften hair strands.


Methi in Your Diet


Iron deficiency is a cause for hair fall. Methi leaves should be included in the diet at least twice a week and eaten lightly steamed. Methi seeds soaked overnight should be eaten on an empty stomach with raw curry leaves to cure hair fall.



These are some of the best methi and curd pack for hair. It is sure if you try them regularly your hair problems can be solved to a great extent.

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