Methi and Diabetes


Methi, (Fenugreek) is a condiment that is often used in Indian cooking. Methi has medicinal properties that can control sugar levels in the body. Diabetes is a medical condition wherein the body does not produce enough insulin or properly use insulin to convert food into energy. Diabetes is widespread the world over but latest estimates indicate that 20 percent of the world’s diabetics are in India. The glucose levels in blood may therefore fluctuate below or above normal.  Methi has been used successfully in controlling diabetes as a home remedy. It is an important ingredient in Indian cooking which adds a nice aroma.

The common symptoms of diabetes are:

1.     .Frequent urination

2.     Unquenchable thirst

3.     Unexplained weight loss

4.     Fatigue

5.     Tingling extremities

6.     Blurred vision


Diabetes can be controlled with exercise and diet control with appropriate medication.

Among the alternative remedies for diabetes is Methi seeds. Methi contains some chemical compounds which help regulate sugar levels. It is rich in fiber and is helpful as an aid to controlling cholesterol and in aiding digestion.



The benefits of Methi in controlling diabetes have been the subject of much research. Way back in 2008 itself, Scientists at the National Centre for Cell Science at Pune extracted a set of compounds from Methi which brings down the blood glucose levels and holds hope for diabetes worldwide. Take a spoonful of Methi powder taken twice a day before meals to control blood sugar effectively.

  • Methi seeds can be ground and added to wheat flour used to make breads and rotis.  Soak two spoonfuls of Methi seeds overnight in water and chew them on an empty stomach. This is a highly effective in controlling diabetes. The water in which the seeds are soaked should also be consumed.
  • Germinated Methi seeds can be chewed on anytime during the day flavored with lime juice and rock salt. If fresh Methi leaves are not available dried Methi leaves known as kasuri methi can be added to curries and rotis to add flavor to food.Methi seeds should be used as a spice to flavor food whenever possible. The seeds should be lightly roasted, powdered and used to give food items a unique aroma and a slight bitter taste. There are a number of recipes using green Methi leaves specially for diabetics:
  • Chop cleaned Methi leaves very fine. Add to sprouted moong, finely chopped onion and tomatoes. Season with lemon juice and coriander leaves.
  • Steam Methi leaves with a pinch of turmeric and salt. Mash fine and season with red chili, urad dal and mustard seeds

     Fresh Methi leaves can be ground and added with ginger and green chilies to flour to make dough, This dough can be rolled and toasted to make theplas and rotis


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