Mineral Eye Shadow

Eye shadow adds to the glamour quotient of eyes and is an essential part of every woman’s make up kit. Off late, mineral eyeshadow is seeing an increased popularity because of its natural ingredients. Mineral Eye shadows are available in a wide variety of colors and shades and used in powder and cream form.  They can be bought from departmental stores, drug stores or are also available online. There are plenty of varieties such as matt and flat besides sparkles of gold and silver.

Need for mineral makeup:

There is a constant demand from cosmetic users was for hypoallergenic make up. A common complaint from cosmetic users is the eye allergy caused by make up. The chemicals used in eye make up cause reddening and swelling of eyes. Besides, if eye make up is shared, the infection is transmitted from one user to another.

Cosmetic users today are looking at natural alternatives to chemical based cosmetics due to the following reasons-

  • Chemical based cosmetics are harsh and cause premature aging of skin.  
  • To remove conventional cosmetics, one needs to use special cleansers, which are expensive and further dry the skin.
  • Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of radiation due to longed exposure to the sun and are looking for cosmetics with a sun protection factor

All the above demands from consumers have led to the cosmetic industry researching mineral based make up.

Benefits of Mineral make up

  • Mineral based cosmetics are made from minerals and area therefore natural in origin.
  • Mineral make up is light on skin as it is not oil or cream based.
  • Mineral make up can be washed off easily with conventional facial cleansers as opposed to special cleansers.
  • Most mineral make up comes with an in built SPF factor and therefore, the use of special sun screen is not required.
  • Mineral based make up are getting increasingly popular due to their anti aging properties.
  • Mineral make up does not have fillers or alcohol and is therefore safe for use on eyes also.

Tips to use mineral eye shadow

  • Mineral eye shadows are available in a palette of colors. The shades of eye shadow selected should compliment the eye color.
  • Mineral eye shadow can be applied with a brush or a sponge.
  • To make mineral eye shadow last loner, use a dab of Vaseline on the upper eye lids. Mineral make up adheres to the Vaseline and gives a shimmer effect.
  • Mineral eye shadow gives very good coverage even if minute quantities are used. It can be mixed with a few drops of water to make it thinner enabling it spread better.
  • Mineral eye shadow does not clog the pores of the skin and can be removed using a foaming facial cleanser.

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