Mommy Aishwarya Rai appeared at Cannes 2012

The famous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai made her appearance in the Cannes film festival 2012 inspite of receiving huge criticism for her post-pregnancy weight gain. But this has not stopped her from appearing the Cannes red carpet. Even though she has gained weight she was still looking stunning and a publication even suggested her to be the World’s most beautiful mother.


Aishwarya Rais costume for Cannes 2012


At the Cannes festival Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made her entire critics surprised by looking absolutely stunning in the Angelo katsapis costumes. Later that day, the new mother was wearing an “Abu-Sandeep-of-white sari” with heavy golden work on the first day and for the second day she was wearing dark blue Elie Saab gown for the Cannes film festival 2012.



Criticism for Aishwarya’s weight gain

Bollywood queen Aishwarya rated as one of the best in the list of most beautiful women in the world had to undergo severe criticism recently in her native place India as well as Cannes. The reason for criticism was her abrupt weight gain during pregnancy. People are not at all happy about this and they are voicing the same very loud. On the video posted in YouTube a description says that “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan post-pregnancy seems to be looking rather plump.” Another comment reads “She needs to learn from people like Victoria Beckham who are back to size zero weeks after their delivery.”

But the best part regarding Aishwarya is that she is not at all bothered about all these criticisms and responded back to this in the Cannes festival this year. She admitted that she is happy with her weight and infact she is fine with her body and don’t even prefer to endorse a zero size figure. “I am a mother. This can happen and it has happened with me and its fine. I have never been the one who endorse size zero anyway.” This was what she told the media. This is Aishwaryas 11th appearance at the Cannes Film festival and this time she is travelling with her loving daughter Aaradhya and spending sleeplessness nights for taking care of her. But Aishwarya rather than complaining is really enjoying each and every moment of it.

Aishwarya earlier and now at Cannes

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who got married to Abhishek Bachchan has made her 11th appearance in Cannes film festival this year after giving birth to a daughter in November, 2011. She was criticised a lot for not losing her weight post pregnancy. The actress had a stunning figure to add to her already described beauty in the early years at Cannes. Owing to her increased weight she was looking different from her previous looks at Cannes but she was still one of the most fine-looking and eye-catching ladies in her great Desi avatar. She is enjoying her motherhood and spending a good time for her baby. She proved that no criticisms can stop her and she will continue to appear in public crowds whe re her presence is very much needed. And it is high time that people start considering celebrities as normal human beings and understand their privacy and preferences rather than continuing to criticise them.



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