Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can improve the looks of the men and women both. The procedure of laser hair removal by aiming a pulsating laser light across the desired area, which works by destroying the pigment down to the follicle, it will be unproductive and dormant after that. It needs many consecutive sessions at regular intervals so that hair can be completely removed. In case you want to minimize your hair growth or to slow down the re-growth you will need fewer sessions.


As it is done by generating heat on the desired area you feel uncomfortable especially in the sensitive areas of the body. A cooling gel is applied on the area of laser so it minimizes its effect. After the laser procedure, there will be tenderness and redness, but it goes away by morning. Many people get swelling, but that also is temporary and goes away after some time. After the procedure, the area will have a crust after some time. You have to avoid sun and tanning beds for a couple of months.



If you are in a dilemma as to which type of treatment to follow, then you should realize that many people prefer laser as through laser procedure a large area can be treated at one time. In electrolysis, each and every follicle is treated, which leads to a highly expensive and time-consuming effort. Those who have gone though waxing once can vouch for the pain that goes with it, moreover, it is temporary.


It is a fact that laser hair removal procedure offers a permanent solution to a problem while the other procedures give only temporary relief. The cost of laser is one time and in waxing it is a recurring cost.


There are still many people who vouch for the fact that it is not a permanent treatment. Many people have followed this procedure, but it is still doubtful whether it is permanent or not.


If you are going for this treatment, then you have to realize that it is not permanent. Maybe, you won’t have growth of hair in that particular area, but it can be that it will grow in some other area after certain time. It does not mean permanent, but generally for a period of one year there is no growth. As most of the hair follicles are at the same place, multiple treatments are often required before results can be got. Though permanent hair removal is not there, the frequency of treatments ensures that patients get permanent hair reduction.


When you take the session regularly, the after some time you will notice that there is no re growth of hair in certain areas and the re growth is also of less quantity. It helps in reducing the hair growth. Once you have got reduced hair on your body, then you will have to go through the treatment after some interval so that minimum hair growth is maintained. You have to be sure that you go for that treatment that ensures 0% re-growth.

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