Natural Ways To Keep Blood Pressure In Control

There are several ways that one can cheat on high blood pressure and that to without taking any medication. There are several people who start on medication right away without trying out natural methods and wish that they hadn’t done so. Once you start on medications for high blood pressure you might need to use them throughout your life. Medications do not come without the added side effects too.


1. The first thing that you should try and do is to restrict your diet. Reduce your salt intake per day to not more than a teaspoon which amounts to about 1000 mgs. Look out for added salt in processed foods such as your favorite pack of chips or the ketchup. Also, salt is called by many different names hence it might not appear as salt on the packaging. Beware of packets of soup or ready to eat meals which are laden with sodium. In its place try and eat natural foods in plenty such as fruits and vegetables. Keep away from red meats. Reach out for white meats, skimmed dairy products and nuts.

2. Keep a watch on your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight to co-relate with your body frame will help you to keep your hypertension in check. Being overweight and having hypertension goes hand in hand. The next thing you could do is to lead an active lifestyle. Get yourself out in the open and exercise all that you can. This will make you lose weight, feel good about yourself and keep your mind off food too.


3. Cut back on the alcohol that you consume. If you are a social drinker it is alright but do not binge drink. Drinking up to two pegs a day is alright but anything beyond that is going to be a cause of enhancing your blood pressure.


4. There are also certain other natural cures for high blood pressure and one of that is apple cider vinegar. It is quite a miracle in controlling high blood pressure. Within a week of having it you will be able to see the difference and that to without any medication. Take one full tablespoon of it three times a day and see the difference for yourself.


5. Another effective herb is the garlic pod. It has an excellent record to cure high blood pressure. If you are not comfortable having the smelly garlic naturally then there are lots of supplements and pills available of the garlic. You can reduce your hypertension by about 20 points by including garlic in your everyday diet.


6. Next on the list are cayenne peppers. You could add this to tea and your hypertension will diminish certainly. It works like magic even for people who are known to have weak hearts and troublesome arteries.


7. Latest research shows that Hawthorn extract works very well to cure hearts, cholesterol and angina attacks. This in turn decreases hypertension too. The Hawthorn extract has plenty of antioxidants and flavonoids which help dilate blood vessels and ensure smooth flow of blood.

So, do not let hypertension get the upper hand with you. Beat it by these natural methods.

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